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tjx cardsThe TJX Companies is the organization that owns and operates the retail stores T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods in the United States and various other retail operations internationally. With nearly a dozen retail brands in their full lineup of stores, the company’s TJX Rewards Credit Card is a popular customer choice as there as many places to use it at.

To make a payment on your TJX-based credit card, follow the instructions provided below.

Instructions for Online Payments

  1. With your internet browser of choice, head to the website (link on the bottom of this page)
  2. Click the large link in the middle of the screen that says “Have a Card”
  3. Type in your user ID (which you should have set up during registration, if not see the section below these instructions) and if you would prefer that the website remember your login name, check the box next to “Remember me” for the site to do so. Click the Login button when ready

tjx login

  1. The website will ask you for your account’s password, enter it to continue your login
  2. Find the section of the site that allows making payments. Type in the amount that you want to pay as well as your payment information when the system asks you for each set of information. During each portion of data input, check to ensure the information you are typing in is correct. When you’re satisfied with the options you have put in, finalize your payment
  3. Upon seeing that your payment was successful, you can leave the site or look through your account information at your leisure


Registration Instructions for

If you haven’t registered your account for online access to, you can do so through the tjxrewards registration page, which will help you get set up with a login username and password. To begin the process, you will need your TJX Rewards Credit Card number and enter it into the field provided:

tjx register start

To complete the TJx Rewards Credit Card online account registration, be prepared to answer a series of questions that are used to verify your identity. This will include, but is not limited to, your Social Security number, mother’s maiden name and your birthday.

For Further Help

To discuss any problems that might arise while registering or trying to make a payment to your account online, you should call TJX directly. The phone number for help with the TJX Rewards Credit Card is (800) 952-6133, and the number to dial for help with the TJX Rewards Platinum MasterCard is (877) 890-3150.

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Company name : TJXRewards
Address : P.O. Box 530948
State: Atlanta, GA
Zip Code : 30353
Phone Number : TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard – 18778903150 / TJX Rewards Credit card – 18009526133

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