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SEFT LogoSoutheast Toyota Finance  caters to Toyota dealers and individual customers in providing financing options for any Toyota purchases. The company owes its success to flexible and innovative finance options that it has installed since conception.

Southeast Toyota Finance Key Services

These finance platforms allow thousands of consumers to gain easier access and an increased opportunity to acquiring car loans. The company also provides business loans to car dealers for working capital requirements, purchase of real estate, and even construction of new buildings/offices. With such a diverse range of products and services provided by the company, it launched its website ( to accommodate customer needs. The site provides all information required by their customers, from loan details to loan calculators, special offers, and lease options. also gives access to a member’s page or an exclusive customer account center, which allows clients to view details about their accounts, manage information about their purchased vehicles, and even arrange payments for their loans. More details on how to pay loans are found below.

How to Pay Southeast Toyota Finance Loans

There are currently five available ways of paying your car loan with Southeast Toyota Finance.

  1. The first option is to pay via mail. On the proposed date of payment found on your billing statement, you can send your payment through mail to the following addresses. Please take note that there is a different address for retail accounts and lease accounts.
    SEFT payment adresses (Retial + lease)
  2. The next option is to pay your bill through a phone call. In order for you to do this, have your check number and Southeast Toyota Finance Account number on hand for a faster and smoother transaction. Then, call the number below to begin processing your payment.Southeast Toyota Finance Contact No.: 1-800-686-3494
  3. The third option is to pay through MoneyGram®. You can visit any available MoneyGram branch in your area. Bring your account number with you and also remember to ask about possible transaction charges. When paying, key in the following information as required:Receive Code: 2156
  4. The fourth option is to pay through Western Union®. Similar to MoneyGram, locate a nearby Western Union branch and bring your account number. Also take note of this required code:Code City: OMNI
    State Code: AL
  5. The fifth option is to make an online payment through SEFT portal. For a complete guideline on how to make this type of payment, read on to the next section of this post.

Paying through SEFT Portal

Here are the steps that you should follow to complete a loan payment using 

  1. Visit Your page should look similar to this snapshot.
  2. Once you’re on the official company site, you can login using the login portal found on the rightmost part of the page. Check the picture below for more details.
  3. Login your customer account by providing your Username and Password.
  4. If you successfully login, you can make a payment by going to the Payment Center of your account. To do this, go to the topmost tabs in the homepage. You should see a tab that says “My Account”. When you point your mouse over this tab, four options will appear. Click on the third option which says “Payment Center”.
  5. After clicking on the Payment Center, you can now arrange payments for your loan.

Before you can access an account, you have to register with the site. Here is a complete SEFT registretion guide from Setf for new registrations.

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Company name : Southeast Toyota Finance
Address : PO Box 991817 Mobile
State: AL
Zip Code : 36691-8817
Phone Number : 1-800-686-3494
Website :

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