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Humana LogoWith millions of people signed up for their insurance coverage across the United States, Humana has a great reputation for helping individuals and families get the healthcare they need the moment they need it. This, combined with recent changes in health insurance mandates, has helped the brand grow tremendously in recent years, and they will likely only keep expanding over the years to come.

If you have Humana insurance and need to make a payment on your account, you can do so by following the instructions for your preferred method below.

Make an Online Payment

  1. Use the link in the green box (which you can find by scrolling below the text of this article) to navigate to the Humana login page
  2. Enter your username and password (and click where it says “Remember my username” if you want the site to do so), then click the “Sign In” button

Humana Account Sign In

  1. You will see a link that says ebilling, click it
  2. Select your payment method and input your details as prompted by the website. You will need to include the amount you wish to pay as well as the payment date. Submit the payment after verifying that all of your information is correct
  3. Once you have made your payment to Humana, you will be given the option to get recurring payments started. Follow the prompts to get that taken care of or close the site if you wish


Registration: For those of you who have not done so yet, you must register for an online account through Humana. You can get to Humana registration page by clicking here. On the registration page, select whether you use Medicare, Medicaid or another type of insurance, then input your details into the fields shown. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required:

 Humana   Registration

Remember to click the green “Continue” button after completing each set of forms until you have completed account creation.

Make a Phone Payment

If you would like to make your Humana payment over the phone, you may do so by calling (800) 223-3659 and following the instructions spoken to you. Phone payments are available from Monday through Thursday 8 am to 8 pm and Friday 8 am to 7 pm. All times are Eastern.

Mail in Your Payment

For those of you who would prefer to mail your payment in, jot your account number on a check or money order and send it to the address printed on your invoice. If there is any confusion when looking at your bill for the address, it will be a PO box.

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