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Amazon Store CardThe behemoth in e-commerce, had somewhat simple roots in being an online book dealer. They now sell everything from replacement car parts and massive gun safes to digital goods like smartphone apps and video games. With nearly everything under the sun available through their marketplace, people can (and do) take care of all of their shopping online through and, in many cases, that also includes groceries.

For those who have an Amazon Store Card to do their shopping through the ecommerce website, you may make your payments through a variety of methods, as discussed in the guide below.

Make a Payment Online

  1. To log in to your Amazon store credit card account through Synchrony, go to (link is in the bottom of this page)
  2. Enter your store card user ID into this field and click the button that says “Sign in using our secure server” – If you don’t have a user ID created, see the note below, titled “Registering for Online Access”

Amazon Store Card Login

  1. The site will now ask you for your password and display your security image. Enter your password only if the image matches the one you chose during registration
  2. Hover your mouse over “Payments” and select “Make a Payment”
  3. Input your payment options, including the amount to pay, the date you want it taken from your account, and your payment information as requested by the site. Verify everything is correct at each step, then click “Make a Payment”
  4. You will see a confirmation number, which signifies that your payment has been completed and you can navigate away from the site

Note: Registering for Online Access

Although you already have an account through the website, you will still have to register your Amazon store card online through Synchrony to be given access to online payments and balance management. Go to the Account Registration page where you will start by entering your Amazon store card account number before validating your account, selecting security protocols and creating online credentials:

Amazon Store Card Register

Mail In Your Payment

If you would like to mail a payment in to Synchrony to pay for your store credit card account, you may send a check or money order along with your account number to the following address:

synchrony amazon adress payement

Phone Payments

Your Amazon store credit card bill can also be paid over the phone through Synchrony’s automated telephone system. You can reach it by dialing (866) 634-8379. The system will guide you through the payment process and give you a confirmation number once the processing is complete. However, you can also choose to speak to a live representative, but you may be charged a $10 service fee to have someone assist you.

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