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firstsavingscc logoThe First Savings Credit Card offers those with subprime credit ratings the chance to get a credit card to use toward purchases while rebuilding poor credit. Otherwise, not many people know about the credit union or the credit card itself and usually people learn about its existence by receiving an invitation to apply for the card in the mail.

If you have a First Savings Credit Card and need to make a payment, the directions below will help you get the task taken care of.

Mail-in a First Savings Credit Card Payment

If you don’t want to deal with registering for an account online or navigating through the First Savings Credit Card menus, you may pay your invoice through the mail. The address to send your payment to is:

First savings mail adress payment

When sending a check or money order to First Savings Credit Card through the mail, write your account number on the top of your payment method to ensure that the correct account is credited.

Make a Payment Online

  1. Navigate with your internet browser to the website by opening a new window and typing the address in your browser’s address bar or clicking the link itself
  2. In the Account Login box on the right, click the grey button labeled “Sign In”

first savings splash

  1. Enter your user name and password. You should have chosen these when going through access registration. If you’ve yet to register, follow the directions printed below. Click the “Log In” button
    firstsavingscc login
  1. Go to the bill payment section of the website and enter your preferred payment method if you have yet to do so. Enter the amount you want to pay and the date that you want the payment to be withdrawn. Submit your payment
  2. If receive an error message, go back and check that the information you put in is correct, resubmit as necessary
  3. Once you see a payment successful screen, you’re done with paying and may leave the site

Register Your Card

To be able to make a payment or manage your account online using the login discussed above, you need to register your card through the First Savings Credit Card website. Click here to access their registration page. To complete the registration, you will have to supply your credit card account number, the expiration date printed on the card, your card security code (those three digits printed on the back of your credit card), and the final four numbers on your Social Security number.

After that, you’ll choose your login credentials. Those are what you will use in the “Make a Payment Online” guide printed above.

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Company name : First Savings Credit Card
Address : P. O. Box 5019 Sioux Falls
State: South Dakota
Zip Code : 57117-5019
Phone Number : 1-888-469-0291

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