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Firstenergy Corp Logo (black and blue)The FirstEnergy Corp. is a provider of clean, highly efficient, and safe electricity across six U.S. states, covering an area as huge as 65 K square miles. Founded in 1997, it has already a big name among investor electricity companies. With its headquarter in Akron, Ohio, it is the holder of ten other electricity generating companies. This is what has made it enjoy almost 6 million customers, raising around $15 billion in annual revenue. As of today, FirstEnergy has a capacity of generating 18,000 megawatts, through a fleet of scrubbed coal, non-emitting nuclear, natural gas, as well as hydro and wind systems.

Paying Bills on FirstEnergyCorp.Com/AboutYourBill

When it is about paying your monthly electricity bills, doing so on Www.FirstEnergyCorp.Com/AboutYourBill, is definitely a better option. Generally stating, online bill payment is always more convenient than any traditional ways. Additionally, this site entitles you enjoy a few other benefits, such as:

  • You can yourself take meter readings and upload on the site.
  • You can opt for electronic bills, which lets you avoid troubles that may pop up with the paper one.
  • You can choose among payment options as per your convenience.
  • You can set up ‘automatic payment’ in order to reduce chances of missed due dates.
  • You can enjoy the Home Energy Analyzer tool the site provides, which helps identify possible energy-hungry sources and control the same with appropriate measures.

Steps to follow while paying bills on Www.FirstEnergyCorp.Com/AboutYourBill

Paying bills on Www.FirstEnergyCorp.Com/AboutYourBill site is very easy. Here come a few simple steps that you can follow to accomplish this:

  • First, launch the site Www.FirstEnergyCorp.Com on your browser.
  • Then, on the homepage, move your mouse on ‘Select Your Electric Company’ heading that is on the top left of the page. As soon as you do this, a dropdown list indicating company names will be shown.
  • From the given list, click and select the one you have as your electricity provider. For example, you can select Penn Power there if it is the right company.
  • On the next page, you can decide either to ‘log in’ (for existing online account holders) or ‘register’ in case you are there for the first time.
  • Once done you can access all the available features, say, account management, upload of meter readings, bill payment history, and facility to pay any dues.

As you can see, Www.FirstEnergyCorp.Com/AboutYourBill makes it really easy to pay energy bills online. However, if you are in any confusion or would like to pay bills over the phone, you can always contact the company at the given address and number:

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Company name : FirstEnergy Corporation
Address : P.O. Box 3687 Akron
State: Ohio
Zip Code : 44309-3687
Phone Number : 1-866-569-4770

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