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Allegheny Power LogoAllegheny Energy is an electric utility that has its headquarters in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Its duty is to deliver electric services to customers in West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Its merging with FirstEnergy was made to provide better services to its customers. Their customers enjoy fluctuations on utility bills based on seasonal rates and the consumption. With options on how to make payments if you encounter difficulties in paying bills, Allegheny power bill pay enables customers to make payments with its various payment methods.

How To Pay Your Allegheny Bill

Allegheny power bill pay offers several ways to pay your bills:

  • Allegheny PowerPay: This where one drafts with the bank so that they can automatically clear the bill every month.
  • Allegheny EasyPay: This is an electronic payment system that helps customers receive their bills online and make payments at the convenience of their homes.
  • Paying Allegheny bill via post: This is where you choose to get your bill via mail and you send your payments using a check or money order using the address below. The following payment options are available:
  • Pay Allegheny bills in Person: Allegheny power bill pay has more than 500 pay point locations that serve their huge customer base. For anyone that wants to pay through pay in person can use the pay point locator so that they can see the one is available to them.
  • Allegheny Power bill pay online: This can be done through their link; All you need is the account number that will be used to process payments, just for a small your payment will be processed through this service. You need to make your payment early to avoid the last minute rush on the due date, for payment done after 2 P.M are processed the next day. The following screen shows how to login and register.

allegheny power login

To register, if not registered.

allegheny power registration

  • Pay by Phone: You can make payments using electronic funds, debit card, or credit card and give your payment details by calling 1-866-427-2927 which attracts a small service to use the service.
  • Pay through Western Union: This is a service that only accepts cash only and your account is credited after being processed overnight. For a charge of $12.95 one is able to make payments through this service. The following information is required so that you can use this service. PAY TO: This should be directed to Allegheny Power, CODE CITY: write as one word, Alleghenypower STATE: State your State of residence finally ACCOUNT NUMBER: The account number as it appears on your bill. Remember to keep the receipt showing the Money Transfer Control Number for future reference and proof of payment.
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Company name : Allegheny Power
Address : 800 Cabin Hill Drive
State: Greensburg,
Zip Code : PA 15606
Phone Number : 888-254-6359

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