Pay your Peebles Credit Card Bill through Comenity Portal

peebles cardsOne of a series of Stage Stores, Peebles is included alongside Bealls, Goody’s, Palais Royal and the namesake Stage Store. The company features affordable yet attractive fashion lines and accessories as well as beauty products and home décor items.


If you are looking for guidance on how to make a payment on your Peebles credit card, follow the directions listed below:

Make a Payment Online

If you haven’t yet registered for online access to your Peebles credit card account, you will need to go to their register page. To do so, click this Peebles credit card register page. You’ll need to have your Peebles credit card with you before you can register as you will need to input information directly from the card into the site. You will also need to enter some personal information to sign up, so be prepared with the last four of your social security number as well as some other personally identifying information, as shown in this image:

peebles register

Once your card is registered, you may follow these directions to make your payment online:

  1. From your favorite browser, go to page by either clicking the link or typing the URL into the address bar
  2. Input your account’s user name and password in the text boxes on the left part of the page. The user name and password are what you selected during the registration process. If you want the system to store your user name for you, check the box next to “Remember Me.” Click the red “Sign In” button when ready

peebles credit card login

  1. Find your way to the pay bill portion of the website
  2. Choose how much you would like to pay toward your Peebles credit card and input your payment information when prompted by the website. Verify all data that you type in to make sure the payment is processed properly. Submit your payment once you’re certain everything is correct
  3. Once you see the confirmation screen, you may leave the site or browse through your credit card’s information

If You Need Assistance

If you need any help with the online payment process or would like to discuss your Peebles credit card with customer service, call Comenity by dialing (800) 324-0324. If you would like to send them correspondence, mail them at:

Comenity Bank
PO Box 182273
Columbus, OH 43218-2273

Always ensure that your payments are made on time to avoid any negative reporting on your credit rating and spend responsibly.

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Company name : Peebles
Address : 10201 Main Street Houston
State: Texas
Zip Code : 77025
Phone Number : 1-800-324-3244

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