Pay Your HSN Card Bill

HSN CardThe Home Shopping Network has been around a while, and while most people know the brand as a place to do some shopping over the TV, they also have an online marketplace. To help customers make more purchases, they also offer the HSN credit card.

All the links in the rest of this piece will take you to the login page for the standard HSN card. If you have a HSN MasterCard, you will have to go to this link instead: Click Here. Other than the different link, all instructions are exactly the same except for the phone number, which will be discussed in that section.  Otherwise, follow the instructions below to get your HSN Card balance paid.

Pay Your Bill Online

Before you can pay your bill online, you will need to register your account. To register your account, go to the login page for the HSN Card and click the grey Sign Up button on the bottom left portion of the screen. With the first page of the registration page open, select whether or not you have your HSN credit card account number with you and fill out all the fields shown on the screen:

HSN Credit Card Account Create

Continue going through the forms until you have your account completely created. With that ready, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the HSN Card login and payment portal at or by clicking the link in the green contact box at the end of this article
  2. Enter your user name and password. Click “Remember me” to stay signed in for future sessions (only if you are on a computer you own), and click the blue “Sign In” button

HSN credit card Manage your account

  1. Go to Pay Online after you are logged in and agree to the terms
  2. Enter your payment options like date and amount, then enter your billing details, including your bank account and routing numbers. Submit and verify the payment
  3. Upon receipt of a confirmation number, your payment is complete

Pay Your Bill by Mail

If you would like to send your payment in by mail, send a check or money order with your account number written on it to the following address:

Comenity Capital Bank
P.O. Box 659707
San Antonio, TX 78265

Pay Your Bill by Phone

Depending on the HSN Card you have, you will have to call a different number to make a payment over the phone. If you have a standard HSN Card, the number to call is (888) 724-6649. For those of you who have the HSN MasterCard, dial (888) 702-9947 to make a payment. Using either of these numbers will incur a small fee, the amount of which will be informed to you over the phone.

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Phone Number : 1.800.933.2887

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