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beallscreditcardNote: Not to be confused with the other department store chain called Bealls, this guide is for the Bealls stores based out of Texas. Because of the obvious confusion that can occur due to these similar stores having the exact same name, they are often referred to online as Bealls (Florida) and Bealls (Texas) to differentiate. We have opted to not do that throughout this guide as we are only discussing the Texas-based stores.

Bealls is a department store that’s operated in conjunction with Stage Stores Inc, which is comprised of the stores Bealls, Goody’s Palais Royal, Peebles and Stage. The store focuses on a variety of types of merchandise and primarily features brand-name products from the fashion, makeup, shoe and household goods industries. As such, Bealls stores offer a few brands that aren’t available anywhere else, including popular lines from Sun River, Wishful Park, Signature Studio, Valerie Stevens and more.

That being the case, Bealls store credit cards have become a popular item where the shops are available. If you are a cardholder yourself, you can make online payments by following these instructions:

Important: Register for Access Beforehand

Before you can even begin to think about making online payments toward your Bealls credit account, you will have to register your account online. You can do this at the registration page through Comenity, which is available by this Bealls credit card sign up link. You should have your Bealls credit card available to begin the process, and use it to fill out the information requested by their system, as shown here:

Bealls online register

After registering, you can log in and make payments whenever and wherever you wish.

How to Pay Your Bealls Credit Card Online

  1. Using your browser of choice, go to the Bealls login page
  2. Type in your username and password into the appropriately labeled boxes on the left side of the screen. If you would like the website to remember your login credentials, select the box next to “Remember Me” then click the “Sign In” button

Bealls credit login

  1. Navigate to the credit card payment section of the Comenity website
  2. Enter your billing information into the fields provided and make sure that everything you’ve entered is correct. After checking your data, submit the payment
  3. You will be presented with a payment confirmation screen. Take down the number provided to you if you feel so inclined and you’re all set

If You Need Assistance

For further information or guidance on paying your Bealls credit card, call Comenity directly at (800) 324-0324. To reach them by mail, the address is:

Comenity Bealls mail payment adress

And, as always, make sure to keep up on your bills to remove the chance at getting a bad mark on your credit rating.

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