Online Bill Payment with City of Austin Utilities

City of Austin LogoThe City of Austin Utilities branch is actually one of the most convenient portals ever set up by a local government. The website allows residents to pay most, if not all, of their utility payments through the one login, making the website incredibly useful.


Through this site, you can pay Austin Energy, Austin Resource Recovery, Austin Water, Drainage Service and Street Service. If you would like to log in and use this site, registration and bill payment are covered in this guide.

Registering For Access

With the primary benefit for registering through the City of Austin Utilities payment portal being that you will be able to pay all of your major utility bills in one place, registering for online access is a fairly easy choice for those who live in the city. You can register through a handful of online forms, available by clicking here. The first screen will have you enter your first and last name then choose a username for logging in, followed by entering and verifying your email address:

City of Austin Utilities Online Registration

After this screen, you will look through and agree to some terms and conditions, then move on to setting up account security. After those steps, you will receive an email from the City of Austin Utilities website asking you to confirm your account creation. Once done with all of this, you may log into the site, as described in the next section of this guide, and make payments on your utilities.

Making Payments Online

  1. Go to the City of Austin Utilities website at (this link will open a new tab in your browser)
  2. Click the green “Log In” button at the bottom of the screen

City of Austin Splash

  1. Type your username and password into the fields provided and click the “Log In” button

City of Austin Utilities Login

  1. In the dashboard, navigate to bill payment
  2. Follow the prompts given by the website to complete entering your payment information and select your bill pay options like amount to pay and date for withdraw. Submit the payment after verifying your information is accurate
  3. You are done once you see a confirmation that your payment was successfully processed

For Further Assistance

To reach customer care for City of Austin Utilities, dial (512) 49-9400 and they will be happy to help you. For those who require a TDD line, call (512) 477-3663. And, anyone outside of Austin looking for assistance, the number to call is (888) 340-6465.

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Company name : City of Austin Utilities
Address : P.O. Box 2267 Austin
State: TX
Zip Code : 78783-2267
Phone Number : (512) 494-9400

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