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Bill Me Later Paypal LogoBill Me Later is now Paypal Credit. It’s the same thing, just with a different name. When you go to the website, there will be an announcement regarding that and a link to direct you to the bill me later Paypal website. Your Bill Me Later account information and credit line is still intact, the Bill Me Later site is now just named Paypal Credit.

More information about Paypal Bill Me Later and  Website

Paypal credit is a line of credit from Comenity Capital Bank that gives people the ability to pay for their purchases at the time of the sale or to pay over time. Applications for bill me later Paypal are easy to fill out through site. Paypal Credit can be used on thousands of stores, including eBay. You check out with PayPal and then select PayPal Credit. Then you’ll answer two quick questions, find out if you’re approved, and then wait for a Paypal statement via email.

Bill Me Later Paypal Switch

Bill Me Later switched its name to PayPal Credit to better service their customers by having the financial backing of Comenity Bank’s credit line. Paypal credit is a credit line offered by Paypal through Comenity Capital Bank. You don’t need to do anything to change your account from Bill Me Later to Paypal Credit. Any previously scheduled payments will also transfer to your Paypal Credit account and will be processed per usual. You’ll even still see them through your Paypal Interface. In order to access those funding sources again, however, you’ll have to add them to your Paypal Credit Account manually.

If you don’t want to use the Paypal part of Bill Me Later Paypal

You can still manage your account at You can just go to the right-hand side of the screen and, in the blue box, enter your user ID and password. Click the orange Log In box to enter your account. If you need to make an account, there is an application form that you can select that is easy to use and quick to fill out. You are subject to credit approval when you apply.

Pay your Bill Using System

  • Go to and click the blue box in the middle of the screen that says Learn More at You’ll be redirected to the Paypal Credit page (
  • Scroll to the bottom and, depending on what your account is, select Access if your Paypal is linked to your credit line, Link if your paypal is not linked to your credit line, or Manage if you don’t want to pay your bill in the new system’s format.
  • Once you have linked your accounts, click access. Then click My Bill.
  • Now you can use Bill me later with your paypal account.

In case of any misunderstanding or confusion, please contact the Bill me Later bill payment team at-

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