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American Utility Management (AUM)American Utility Management (AUM) is a company offering energy management services to the clients.  AUM started providing their services in year 1994 with much expertise and knowledge in the field of a good management of energy and utility. AUM uses the most modern and up to date technologies to provide better services to customers. They take pride in helping their clients identify their cost savings, recover their loss in profits and apply improvements to help regulate their utility and energy costs. The company is reaching out their clients with excellent communication skills and providing customized services to integrate well with their clients’ needs. Where to get information on how to pay at AUM, just visit this url

What does AUM offer?

  • Energy Management – This is the main service offered by AUM. With their in-house team and energy management solutions, they help manage their costumer’s usage in their utility and energy and provide ways as to how they can reduce their expenses. Do you want to save money every day with your energy consumption reduced? AUM can help you with that. Along with the services offered are Energy Management Advisory Services, Utility Rate Services, Energy Procurement Services, Energy Audit Services, Cost/Consumption Variance Alert, Research and Resolution, and Utility Budgets.
  • Invoice Processing – With energy experts and leaders with so much experience in energy and utility, AUM helps in managing, validating, tracking and analyzing your utility and energy expenses. With Invoice Processing, clients are helped with their unnecessary charges, properties shut-offs and inescapable employee lapses. You have two options in Invoice Processing; the client pays or AUM pays. With the first option “the client pays”, AUM will receive the client’s invoice and analyze the expenses using a secure database. The client will pay according to their cash flow controls. In the second option, AUM will be the one to process your payments. For more information about AUM’s payment, go to
  • Resident Services – AUM’s resident services helps you to maximize your cost recovery and limit your resident bill. AUM has experts that will provide you a program on how to pay your utility bills through a method, estimate your resident bills monthly and email them to you, access to managers and residents through AUM’s online client portal and have maintenance of resident record for it to be accessible. More about AUM resident service.

How to Register and Pay your Bill through

  1. Go to this url and click the button with “Residents Click Here”.
  2. Register in the site and fill in the required information with your account number, statement number, password and email address for bill payment.
  3. If you are asked to choose a funding source, it may be from a credit card, debit card or your check account. For more information about the payment method, visit the url
  4. For your payment options, select the best payment method for you and the amount that you are about to pay.
  5. Submit your payment to AUM.

 In case of any confusion, please contact American Utility Management bill payment team at-

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Company name : American Utility Management (AUM)
Address : 2211 York Rd., Ste. 320, Oak Brook
State: Illinois
Zip Code : 60523
Phone Number : 866-520-1245

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