WTU Retail Energy Payment Options

WTU LogoWTU is a company that serves the West Texas community in providing electricity that is very competitive due to Texas been a deregulated state. This means that small companies can compete for customers too. Due to this, there are many companies in the state and therefore the electric rates keep on changing and sometime can find others giving special offers so that to win more customers. WTU is a branch of Direct Energy that operates at the retail level. Even though the rates are always competitive, you still find some customers have arrears accumulated during the peak season. With the introduction of a mobile App and an online platform on www.wturetailenergy.com it is easy to pay bills at any time and from the convenience of your holiday.

Paying your WTU Bill

WTU has an online interface that customers can find and choose the option that suits them best such as the multiple payments.

Pay WTU Bill online

Online payment is the fastest and simplest option for most customers. www.wturetailenergy.com as an online portal that enables the customers makes payments in an effective and efficient way through https://youraccount.wturetailenergy.com/ews/welcomeWTU.jsp.

One can apply for an online payment account through the online account manager, which is free to register and access.

wtu registrion

To sign in and make payment through www.wturetailenergy.com, follow the screen below.

wtu sign-in

Pay online through one-time payment

For those that don’t want to register, they can use the one-time payment option to make their payment. This service is offered through JustPayIt link in the WTU portal. All that the customer needs is an account number that will be required by the system so that to effect the payment.

Pay WTU Bill by Mail

Payments made via mail with money orders or personal checks are also accepted through their address below. You only need to write your account number on the check or money order for faster processing.

WTU Bill Payment by person

Customers can also visit their offices to make payments or any vacation offices.

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Company name : WTU Retail Energy
Address : PO Box 21588
State: Tulsa, OK
Zip Code : 74121-1588
Phone Number : 1-866-322-5563

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