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Wells Fargo LogoWith a rich past that runs parallels to American history, Wells Fargo is the kind of bank that has been a part of families for generation after generation. Currently the third (or fourth, depending on which source you come across) biggest bank in the United States, Wells Fargo is beat in size only by JPMorgan Chase Bank and Bank of America and is in a close and constant battle with Citibank.


Of the uncountable financial programs available through Wells Fargo, one of the most used is their Dealer Services, which is the automotive financing portion of the bank. Millions of people across the country have their cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles loaned through Wells Fargo Dealer Services.

If you have a loan through Wells Fargo for your new or used automobile, there are a handful of options available to you to make payments. For your preferred method, find it below and follow the instructions provided.

Pay Online Through Wells Fargo eServices

Before you can even have the opportunity to  make a payment to Wells Fargo online, you’ll have to go through the eServices Registration. Click here to visit the enrollment page and fill out the fields highlighted here:

Wellsfargo eservice enroll

Once you’re enrolled, you can pay your bill by following these instructions:

  1. With your browser, navigate to www.wellsfargodealerservices.com either by typing it in the address bar or clicking the link itself
  2. In the “Consumers” box, click the link under the “Customer Service” heading that says “Sign on to eServices” as marked here

wellsfargos plash

  1. Enter your user ID and password that you chose during eServices enrollment and click the “Sign In” button

wellsfargo login

  1. Go to the make a payment portion of the website
  2. Enter your payment information and submit the payment after ensuring that the data you have input is correct. Once the payment has gone through properly, you will receive a confirmation message. After you see this message, you may close the window

Pay by Phone

To pay your auto loan by phone, you may do so by dialing (800) 289-8004. Take note that there is a $6 charge for using the automated phone system and a $10 charge for paying through a customer service representative.

Pay Through the Mail

If you would like to pay through the mail, write your account number on the money order or check and mail it to:

Wells Fargo Dealer Services
PO Box 25341
Santa Ana, CA 92799-5341

Pay at a Wells Fargo Bank

You may also make a payment to Wells Fargo Dealer Services at any Wells Fargo bank. To find a location near to you, visit Wells Fargo locator by clicking here.

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Company name : Wells Fargo Dealer Services
Address : mery Street, San Francisco
State: California
Zip Code : 94104
Phone Number : (800) 869-3557

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