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US Bank LogoU.S. Bank is one of the top commercial banks in the country today. In fact, it ranks #5 in terms of the overall amount of their customer deposits, which amount to a grand total of $250.5 billion as of December 31, 2013. It has a  presence all over the country through its 3,086 banks and 5,086 ATMs. As a commercial bank, U.S.  Bank needs to offer a wide range of banking-related products and services, and in this they do not disappoint. The company’s product and services line is composed of a diverse portfolio that includes traditional banking, insurance, mortgage, investment, trust and payment services, and brokerage.

As of 2013, U.S. Bank grew to have assets worth $364 billion. Their network of bank branches encompass 25 states in the Midwest and western United States. They are also one of the nation’s biggest bank employers, with 64,000 employees comprising their staff. Although U.S. Bank has reached such impressive heights, it still remains grounded in how it relates to its customers. The bank has a strong commitment to ethics and community service, with a large share of their profits going to charity. They also strive to give their customers the very best service possible. This includes giving them the ability to manage their accounts no matter where they are in the country or in the world. They are able to do this through www.usbank.com onlinebanking and www.usbank.com/accountabilities.

Instructions for Accessing www.usbank.com/accountabilities

  1. Customer first visits https://accountabilities.usbank.com/eportal/auth/login.faces
  2. Before he can log in, he first needs to register his account online. He does so by clicking on the Register Online link at the bottom of the page.
    usbank accountabilities register link on login page
  3. On the next page, the bank will verify authorization. The customer puts in his Agreement #, Invoice # and Federal Tax ID. After all of these has been inputted the customer clicks on the Submit button. The process continues until the customer has a user ID and password.
    usbank accountabilities registration page
  4. Once the account has been created, the customer returns to the first page. He keys in his newly-created User ID and password on the blanks provided. If everything looks satisfactory, the customer clicks on the Login button.
    usbank accountabilities login button at login page
  5. After logging in the customer now has the ability to access his account online through www.usbank.com/accountabilities

In case of any confusion pleas contact USBank Accountabilities team at-

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Company name : U.S. Bank
Address : 800 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis
State: Minnesota
Zip Code : 55402
Phone Number : (612) 872-2657

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