How to Pay Your Union Plus Credit Card Balance

Union Plus Credit CardOwned by Capital One Bank, Union Plus cards are fairly standard when it comes to the world of credit cards. You can use them anywhere the issuer’s logo is accepted (i.e. MasterCard, Visa, etc) and they offer competitive interest rates.

If you are a Union Plus cardholder and would like to make a payment, find your preferred method below and follow the instructions as written.

Pay By Phone

To make a payment on your Union Plus credit card over the telephone, call their customer service line at (800) 622-2580. This is available at all times (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and they use a voice response system.

Pay Through the Mail

You can pay your Union Plus credit card through the mail, and they offer two addresses that you can send your bill payment to. For standard payments that are on time or ahead of schedule, write your account number on a check or money order and send it to:

Card Services
PO Box 60501
City of Industry, CA 91716-0501

For those who are within five business days that want the payment to be credited to your account on time, they offer an overnight payment. Send your rushed payments to:

Card Services Inc.
ATTN: Exception Dept 2012 Corporate Lane Suite 108
Naperville, IL 60563

Make an Online Payment

  1. Navigate to the Union Plus login page (you can find a link to it at the bottom of this page in the green contact box)
  2. Enter your login ID and Password into the text entry fields on the right side of the page. Click “Remember Me” to stay logged in for future visits (Only if you are on a private computer), and then click the red “Login” button. If you need log in credentials, click the red “Register” button (highlighted with a green circle in the image) and view the instructions for Account Registration below

Union Plus Credit Card Homepage

  1. Click the button that says “Pay My Bill” or select the tab that says “Payments”
  2. Click the link that says “Schedule One-Time Payment”
  3. Choose when you would like the payment to be made as well as how much you want to pay toward your credit card balance. Click the “Continue” button
  4. Verify that your payment details are correct and finalize your payment by clicking the “Submit” button
  5. Upon receipt of a confirmation number, your payment has been successfully processed or scheduled and you can then leave the site

Account Registration

To complete your account registration, you will have to answer all of the questions posed on the registration page. Fill out everything that is required and agree to the terms and conditions (if you do, in fact, agree to them).

 Union Plus Account Registration

With  your account created, you can complete your bill payment by returning to the “Make an Online Payment” section.

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