Creating a Walmart Product Care Plan Account

Walmart LogoEveryone knows that Walmart carries a massive number of products in their stores, and some of the consumer electronics like televisions, video game consoles, stereos, laptops, computers and more can get mighty expensive. To protect those purchases for a number of years, Walmart’s Product Care Plans can replace the items in times of merchandise tragedies.


To learn about creating your account or logging into the Walmart Product Care Plans (Product Assist) websites, continue reading below:

Create Your Account

  1. Click the link here to go to the (*link in the bottom of this page) website in a new window
  2. Click the green button labeled “Get Started”

Walmart Product Assist Splash

  1. You have a couple options here to get your Walmart Product Care Plan account set up. You can enter your name, email and password then click the green button that says “Create my account” as highlighted by the red markings in the image below. Or, you can use an existing social media account from either Facebook, Twitter or Google, as highlighted by the yellow arrows:

Walmart Product Assist Create an Account

4.a. If you typed in your information to create your account, you will be presented with a Terms of Use screen, which you should read before clicking the green “I accept” button. You’ll then have to check your email and input the verification code sent to you into the “Email verification code” box before continuing

4.b. If you used a social media button, you will be given a Terms of Use screen to agree to then a popup will appear letting you know that the site is pulling information from whatever account you chose. Your account registration is complete at this step

  1. When your account is created, you will be automatically logged into the site and ready to track your plans, claims and support statuses

Logging In To Walmart Product Assist

If you logged out between the time of your first registration and need to find your way back to and log in to the Walmart Product Care Plan website at ProductAssist.comt, the steps are easy:

  1. Click the Walmart link to open a new window or tab for the website
  2. Click the link under the green “Get started” button that says, “Sign in”
  3. Enter your login credentials as you used during the account creation steps listed above

Walmart Product Assist Login

  1. That’s it!

Walmart Product Care Plans are a great way to keep your expensive purchases safe from all sorts of damage or disarray, just remember that you have the plans available if anything were ever to happen to your products.

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