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Panera LogoPanera Bread is the type of combo restaurant which serves two types of services. Panera Bread serves bakery items and as well as Café items. In bakery Items Company serves Fresh baked break, cakes, pastries’, cookies, muffins, rolls etc and in Café company serves different types of soups, pasta, sandwiches, drinks and salads, etc. It is very famous part of chain restaurant in the United States and Canada. Panera Bread offers a special card for their customers it called as My Panera card. Customers can register online fir this card and take benefits of card.

About The Company Panera Bread and portal

Panera Bread is its New Name. It has more than 1800 restaurants around the United States and Canada. In 2005 this company ranked 37th in business week due to 49% increase in its yearly profits. offers various reward programs for their customers; they can grab these reward programs by ordering in Panera Bread Stores. Panera Bread is the 2nd company in the world which mentioned how many calories are there in their eating Items.

Customer need to follow below simple steps to manage their account and take all rewards provided by the company.

  1. Log On to the website
  2. It will redirect to
  3. Click on My Panera, it will expand the webpage
    Screenshot 2014-07-11 23.25.13
  4. Click on Join in if you are not registered
    Screenshot 2014-07-11 23.25.22
  5. Existing Customers Will click on Sign In
    Screenshot 2014-07-11 23.26.42
  6. A new pop up window will open
  7. Fill the username and password
  8. Click On Sign In
  9. It will redirect you to your account page where you can view your reward points
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Company name : Panera Bread
Address : 1008 Loughborough Ave, St Louis,
State: MO
Zip Code : 63111
Phone Number : (314) 353-8227
Website :

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