How to Check the Balance on a Target Gift Card

target logoAs one of the most shopped at stores in the United States, the popularity of Target continues to grow at a remarkable pace. It wasn’t even that long ago that it seemed like the company was in some trouble as Walmart continued its rapid growth but Target stayed relatively stagnant. However, some clever rebranding has helped Target take off, which may or may not have also played a big part in pushing K-mart down a few notches as well. What is very interesting about the rebranding of this company is that they didn’t do so with the help of a new logo, their iconic, well, target has remained intact.

The stores themselves offer a huge selection of practically anything one would need for their home. This even includes groceries at a number of locations. They also sell consumer electronics, office supplies, clothing, shoes, household gadgets and much, much more. A huge part of their rebranding was an unspoken nod toward the idea that their merchandise is simply better than the stuff you can find at Walmart or K-mart, but whatever they intended has worked out splendidly for the company.

With all this being the case, gift cards are a major item at Targets since recipients can go to the stores or online and purchase pretty much anything they would want at very competitive prices. If you have recently received a Target gift card or you want to check the balance on one that seems to be collecting dust in your wallet, follow these simple instructions:

Check the Amount Left On a Target Gift Card

  1. Through your preferred internet browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer, go to Target’s dedicated gift card balance checking page at (link is on the bottom of this page)
  2. Enter the 16 digit number on the front of your card into the box labeled “Card Number”

target gift check balance

  1. Next, input the expiration date as printed on the front of your card into the boxes labeled “Expiration Date.” Make sure to put both the month and the year

target gift dates

  1. The last box to fill in is the CVV number. CVV stands for Card Verification Value and is used to make sure that you actually have the card with you. This is particularly important for online and over-the-phone purchases as the number is not often used in any other situation. You can find the CVV of your Target gift card on the back of the card and it is the three-digit number found on the right

target gift cvn

  1. Click the brown “go” button and the website will display how much you have available to spend

Now that you know how much you have to spend, plan accordingly and have fun browsing through Target’s wares.

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