Pay Your America’s Servicing Company Mortgage Online

America's Servicing Company LogoAs a subsidiary of Wells Fargo, America’s Servicing Company (ASC) is an interesting  part of the massive banking institution in that Wells Fargo is generally not the actual mortgage originator in most cases. Still, with the backing of the large bank, ASC can offer a lending stability and services that smaller companies just can’t compete with.

If you have a mortgage through ASC and would like to create an online account or make a payment online, this guide will walk you through the process and help get your house payment made easily and on time.

America’s Servicing Company Account Creation

Before being able to make a mortgage payment online through the America’s Servicing Company website, you are required to create an online account. This can be done at the New User Registration page, available by clicking here to open in a new window. At the bottom of this page, it says “Are You A New User?” and, in that section, there is a link underneath that says “Register” – click that link to get to registration.

Once there, the form asks for a lot of information, so it may take a few minutes to complete. Enter everything requested as highlighted here:
ASC Registration Page

Just a note, when filling out the fields in the Personal Information block of questions, the one titled Nickname is what you want the property name to be called inside of your account. For example, if they service your primary home, you could enter the street name, address or simply the word “Home” if you want. Other information requested on the form includes your loan number, Social Security number, email address and user login credentials like user name and password as well as security questions and answers.

Logging in and Making a Payment

  1. Go to the America’s Servicing Company mortgage payment portal, which is available at the web address (link on the bottom of this page)
  2. Type in the user name and password that you created during the new user registration process discussed above. Click the Login button
    America's Servicing Company Login
  1. Navigate to the portion of the dashboard that allows for mortgage payment
  2. Decide whether you want to set up recurring payments or do a one-time payment. Choose the date (or dates) for payment to be withdrawn from your account and enter your payment information when prompted. Verify every piece of information you type in and submit your payment
  3. Upon verification that your payment has gone through successfully, feel free to leave the site or continue browsing to look up more information about your mortgage
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Company name : America's Servicing Company
Phone Number : 1-800-842-7654

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