How to Pay Your Macy’s Bill

Macy's Credit Card ImageBeing an incredibly popular brand across the United States, many Macy’s shoppers are now also Macy’s credit card users. With two types of cards available – one store-only and the other a general-use American Express card-, they offer much in the way of flexibility for those who can’t get enough of the department store chain’s goods.


Being such a bastion of customer service, those who have credit card accounts with Macy’s have many different ways available to make payments on their balances. To make a payment on your account, find your preferred method below and follow the instructions provided.

Make a Payment Online

  1. Follow the link to Macy’s bill payment portal page, which you can find in the contact box near the bottom of this guide
  2. On the Macy’s page that loads up, click the red “make a payment” button

Macy's Bill Pay Splash

  1. Enter your account’s email address and password into the fields provided, then click the red “sign in” button. If you do not have an account created, click the red “create” button and follow the prompts to get yours

Macy's Bill Pay Login

  1. Go to the make a payment portion of the site once logged in
  2. Enter how much you want to pay as well as select your payment method and input your banking or debit details. Verify all of your information is correct then submit your payment
  3. After finalizing your payment, you will receive a confirmation that you have successfully paid or scheduled your bill pay on the account

Make a Payment over the Phone

Before calling to make your Macy’s credit card payment over the phone, make sure you have the account number handy as well as your bank account’s routing and checking account numbers. Once ready, call (888) 431-6229 and follow the instructions to complete your payment.

Make a Payment by Mail

To make a payment through the mail via check or money order, send your payment with your Macy’s credit card account number noted on it to one of the following addresses, depending on which card you have:

Macy’s Card

Macy’s Payments
PO Box 183083
Columbus, OH 43218-3083

Macy’s Amex Card

Macy’s American Express Account Payments
PO Box 183084
Columbus, OH 43218-3084

Make a Payment in Store

Using cash, check, debit or money order, you may make a payment on your Macy’s credit card at any of the Macy’s retail locations. Click here to find a store near you. Any cashier will be able to help you with the transaction.

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