Lowes Visa Credit Payment

Lowe's Credit CArdSecond only the Home Depot, Lowe’s is a popular choice for many who are looking for do it yourself projects or home maintenance. If you wanted to do so, you could probably build a full home by using only products purchased in a Lowe’s, and that includes flooring, plumbing and finished walls, which shows just how extensive their selection really is.

And, considering paying out of pocket for many big projects can feel a little unreasonable, the Lowe’s credit card is a great way to spruce up your home without having to go two weeks without eating. To learn how to make an online payment on your account, continue reading:

Make your payment online

  1. On this page you can find the link to the Lowe’s credit card payment portal in the green corporate contact box by scrolling down a little past the writing for this article. Click that link
  2. In the box with the words “User ID” above it, enter yours. If you don’t have one yet, click the link at the bottom of the sign in box that says “Register Here” (noted with blue in the image) and go to the section of this page with the subheading of “Account Creation” to complete the task. If you are on your own computer, click “Remember me” to have the Lowe’s Visa management site keep you logged in. Finally, click “Log In”

Lowe's Credit Card Sign In

  1. Navigate the dashboard to get to bill payment
  2. Enter all of the information requested by the site in regards to making an online payment. This will include the payment date, payment amount and your bank’s routing number and your full checking account number. Submit the payment for review
  3. Look over the payment details verification screen and if everything is correct, submit your payment. If you find any errors, simply go back to the page you found the error in and fix it manually.
  4. When you see a payment confirmation screen, your Lowe’s credit card bill pay is complete and you can leave the site at your leisure

Account Creation

After clicking the link for registration as described in step 2 above, you will be on a page that says “Account Registration” below the Lowe’s logo. The registration process is only five steps, and each page is fairly short, so creating your account should not take long at all. After inputting your account number on the first page, click “Next.”

Lowe's Account Creation

Fill out all the fields on each page as deemed necessary by the site. Once your account is fully created, return to step 2 above and continue your online Lowe’s credit card bill payment.

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