Indianapolis Power & Light Compayn Payment Options

Indianapolis Power & Light Company LogoIndianapolis Power & Light Company, a utility company based in Indianapolis, provides electricity to Indianapolis city and is a subsidiary of AES Corporation. Its headquarters is on Monument Circle. It serves over 470,000 residential and commercial customers as well as industrial customers in central Indiana.

Monthly bill statements and account information are normally sent to the customer disclosing all the relevant billing information such as service charges. This information can also be accessed online by logging into the customer account. Customers also have the option of budget billing where they pay the same amount each month.

How to Pay your Bill

Indianapolis Power &Light Company provides easy and convenient means of making payments. Customer can pay using their credit card, debit card, from their savings or checking account. They can also pay by cash or check. However, some payment methods have a convenience fee that is charged whenever payments are made.

Pay online trough Bill Payment page

customers can visit to pay their bill from their money market or checking account with a credit or debit card.

Automatic deduction

to avoid the hustle of taking care of the electricity bill every month, customers can schedule deduction their Indianapolis Power $ Light Company bill from their savings or checking account.

Pay by phone or mail

customers can also call a customer service representative at 317-261-8222 and make their bill payment. Payments by phone are done by enrolling for ExpressCheckTM and paying from their checking account at no charge. They can also send their check or money order to the Indianapolis Power $ Light Company.

Pay in person

customers can visit the company offices and make their monthly payment there.

Indianapolis Power & Light Company -Applying for payment extensions

Where there is difficulty in making payment, the customer has the option of using the online tool accessed through the company website or contacting the customer care office to apply for a payment extension. In order to do this, one is required to login to their IPL online account so if the customer does not have an account, they will have to sign up for one. Failure to pay the pay bill might result in disconnection and the customer will have to pay a reconnection fee to get their electricity reconnected.

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Company name : Indiana Power & Light Company
Address : 2102 N. Illinois
State: St. Indianapolis, Indiana
Zip Code : 46206
Phone Number : 317-261-8222

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