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Ideacellular LogoIdea Cellular remains one of India’s largest mobile operators and carriers. With 121 million customers in 55,000 towns all over the Indian sub-continent, or approximately 15% of India’s total mobile phone population, Idea, as it is more popularly know, is as strong as ever. It also doesn’t hurt that they are a subsidiary of India’s first multinational corporation, the Aditya Birla Group. Their parent company itself is one of India’s largest companies in terms of revenue and coverage. In 2012 they earned annual revenues of over $40 billion and currently has a presence in 33 countries worldwide, with their many offices staffed by global employee workforce of 136,000 individuals.

Idea is at the forefront of cellular technology in India with their nationwide 2G and 3G network coverage. In addition to their mobile phone services, Idea is also a national leader in providing other tech-related services such as Idea TV. Insta  Page Payment Instructions

  • In order to access insta pay, customers must first visit
  • the customer should have an account already set up and ready to go if they wish to log in. For customers who do not have an account yet, they click on the Register Now link. register now link on sign in page
  • The customer should now register his existing postpaid account. He does this by typing in his mobile phone number and security code in spaces provided for them. Idea will now send the customer his password; the customer chooses whether this is done through SMS or e-mail. Once everything has been inputted, he clicks on the button labeled SUBMIT. registration page
  • The customer’s account has now been created. He can go back to the initial Sign in page. The customer keys in his mobile number and password (which should already be sent to him). However, if he wants to simply proceed to Bill Payment, he can look for and click the “To make an Instant Bill Payment, please click here” link on the page. click here for bill payment
  • To pay his postpaid bill, the customer should input all the information required: mobile number, amount to be paid, email, and security code. Hit SUBMIT to finalize payment of the bill. instant bill payment page Insta Pay Announcement

Punjab postpaid subscribers have to register their mobile numbers again for them to be able to make use of the site’s new Self Care section and pay their bills online through insta pay. For more instructions, go to this page:

In case of any confusion, contact Idea Cellular bill payement team at-

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Company name : Idea Cellular Limited
Address : Suman Tower, Plot No. 19, Sector 11, Gandhinagar
State: Gujarat, India
Zip Code : 382 011
Phone Number : +91 79 6671 4000

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