Pay Your HSBC Neiman Marcus Credit Card (NM) Bills

Neiman Marcus Credit CardWith over a century of experience in selling luxury goods, Neiman Marcus is a brand that is adept at picking only the best for its shops. And, as there are not even 50 Neiman Marcus retail stores in existence, the store is notably exclusive to high-end markets.

Still, the department retailer offers an in-store credit card as an option to its customers. If you are a Neiman Marcus cardholder, you can follow the instructions below to make a payment on your account.

Make a Payment Online

  1. Navigate to the Neiman Marcus credit card payment portal at (you can find a direct link to on the bottom of this page, inside the green boX)
  2. Input your User Name and Password into the labeled boxes and click the box by “Remember Me” which will save your user name for later visits to the site, then click the “Sign In” button

Neiman Marcus Credit Card Bill Pay Online Log In

  1. Go to the Payment Center once logged in and click Online Bill Pay Service
  2. Follow the instructions given on the website and enter your payment information when asked. You will also enter a payment date and an amount
  3. Verify everything you input is correct and submit the payment. Upon successful payment, the website will display a message informing you that it has gone through. Your payment is now complete and you can leave the site whenever you wish. Note, do not press the “Back” button on your browser as it could result in multiple payments to your Neiman Marcus credit card account

Registering Your Card for Online Access

Before you can make payments online, you will have to go through credit card enrollment. To do this, you will have to go to Neiman Marcus and click the red button marked “Enroll” as shown in this image:

Neiman Marcus Credit Card Enroll Button

Have your Neiman Marcus credit card with you before enrolling to make filling the forms easier. You will also be required to enter personal information like your SSN, email address and birthday as well as agree to some documentation during the process.

Other Payment Options

There are more choices available for making payments on your Neiman Marcus credit card account, however, you will have to find the address and phone number for your specific card. For the mailing address, you will need to go to the Payment Center discussed in the steps above for online payments and the address for your card will be shown there. Similarly, to do bill pay over the phone, you will have to call the phone number printed on the back of your Neiman Marcus credit card.

If you have any questions regarding making online payments, contact Online Customer Care by dialing (800) 685-6695.

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Company name : Neiman Marcus
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Zip Code : 75201-4720
Phone Number : (214) 741-6911

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