HRS Account Credit Card Bill Payments

Capital One is a website set up by the financial institution Capital One that they created to allow businesses a location for in-store credit card users to go to for online payments. Some of their clients include Costco, Boscov’s and Younkers.

If one of the in-store credit cards you have require you to go to the HRSaccount website, the directions below will help you get your bill paid and your online account created.

Enrolling in Online Access

With the majority of the store credit cards that use bill pay, there will be an enrollment button at the bottom middle of the login screen, as shown on this example from Costco:

HRS Account Costco Example Screen

When you get to the registration page for your particular store’s credit card account, you will be asked to verify your information through a number of text-entry fields, including your account number, name, full Social Security number, birthday and email address. You will also choose your user name and password for the account while enrolling your store credit card account, as shown here:

HRS Account Enrollment

When you are finished with the enrollment process for account access to manage your HRS Account in-store card online, you may use your created sign in credentials to make a payment to your account through logging in, as discussed in the next section.

Making an Online Payment

  1. Navigate to the login page set up for your in-store bill pay (link on the bottom of this page). Usually, the address will be something along the lines of, however, that is not guaranteed so make sure to either check your card’s documentation or navigate to the login page through the store’s website itself
  2. Enter the user name and password that you would have created during the enrollment page for your in-store credit card account. On some of the login pages, there will be a little checkbox with the phrase “Remember me” next to it – check the box if you want the login page to remember your user name for future visits. Then, click the Sign In or Submit button

HRS Account General Login Screen

  1. Once logged in, navigate to the Payment Center page
  2. Then, go to the Online Bill Payment Service. Enter your payment information into the fields while making sure that the data you’re putting in is correct. Submit the payment when you are sure everything is correct
  3. Once the bill pay site you’re logged into informs you that the payment has been successfully submitted, you may close down the browser or navigate away from the site

Other Ways to Pay

You can also pay by phone through a customer service representative or by mail; however, you will contact different numbers or addresses depending on which store your card is from. You can view the mailing address for your payment when logged into the website in the Payment Center. The phone number for phone payments is printed on the back of your store credit card.

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