Double Your Line Visa Card Bill Pay

Merrick Bank LogoWith a credit card that automatically doubles its line of credit after seven months of on-time payments, the Double Your Line Visa Credit Card is an outstanding option for those who may have had troubles in the past keeping their credit reports clean. However, to apply for this card, you will need to have received a letter in the mail from Merrick Bank.


If you have received one of these letters and would like to complete your DYL Visa card application, you can do that by following this guide.

Start Your Merrick Bank Visa Application

  1. Make sure to have the letter you received from Merrick Bank for a Visa credit card with you
  2. In your internet browser, navigate to the website as instructed in the letter you received in the mail from Merrick Bank
  3. On the letter, you should have an “Acceptance Certificate Number” printed on it. Enter this number into the field marked here:
    Merrick Bank Double Your Line Acceptance Cert Number


  1. Type your last name as it is shown on the letter into the box highlighted in this image and click the button that is labeled as “Next>>”
    Merrick Bank Double Your Line Last Name and Begin
  2. Follow the prompts given by the website to complete your credit card application. Although the letter was sent out with a preapproval message, there still may be some delays in the processing of your acceptance. If that is the case, you may have to wait a few days to hear back from Merrick Bank about the amount of your new credit line or, in some cases, if you did not get accepted due to something that may have only recently occurred on your credit report

Enrolling for Online Management

After you have received your card, you may want to enroll in online access for your account. You may do so at Merrick Bank’s online enroll page. To complete enrollment, you will need your account number, full name, the last four numbers of your Social Security number, email address, phone number and some more personally identifying information.

Upon completion of enrollment, you may log in to the website, as discussed in the next section.

Logging in to Make Payments

To log in to your Merrick Bank account online, click here to open the page in a new window. Enter your user name and password into the fields provided and click the “Log In” button. Once inside the website, you can navigate to account management and go to the credit card bill payment section to make a payment on your credit card.

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