Paying a Chevron or Texaco Credit Card Bill

chevrontexacologosThe Chevron Corporation is an energy company that is most well-known by the American public for its many gas stations across the country. The company also owns the brand Texaco which it acquired during a merger in the early 2000s. These two brands are popular for their additive Techron which is claimed to keep engines running cleaner than their competitors. Texaco has its roots in fuel that go back to the 30s, whereas Chevron’s lineage can actually be dated back to the mid-1800s, making the brand one of the longest-running energy businesses throughout the United States.

Along with the aforementioned line of gasoline “With Techron,” Chevron and Texaco are quite popular for their gas cards that often get heralded as a way for people to build their credit. The company also provides a regular credit card, which can be used at any shop that allows the use of Visa cards.

For those who have a Chevron or Texaco card, you have a couple choices available for you to get around to paying your bill. Find your preferred method among the payment types below:

Pay Online

  1. Use your internet browser to go to and click the “Login to My Account” button on the top-right portion of the screen as indicated here:


  1. Enter your user ID into the field marked as such. Click the little box next to “Remember me.” If you don’t want to have to manually enter your user ID on future visits to the site. Click the “LOGIN” button


  1. When prompted, enter password into the box, but only if your personal image matches the one you chose while registering online for access to chevrontexacocards site.
  2. Find the pay bill link on the following page and click it
  3. Enter and confirm that your payment information is correct and submit it. When the payment has successfully been processed, you will receive a confirmation message. You may then feel free to browse your Texaco or Chevron card information, log out of the site or simply close down the browser you are using

Pay by Phone

To handle your payment over the phone or to receive any customer service pertaining to your Chevron or Texaco Credit Card, dial (800) 243-8766. For those with a Chevron or Texaco Visa card, the customer service number is (866) 448-4367.

Pay by Mail

To send a payment to Chevron for either card, make the check payable to “Chevron” and send it to:

Chevrontexacocards mail adress (synchrony bank)

By using one of these easy-to-use methods, you should have no problem keeping up with your Chevron or Texaco Credit Card or Visa payments.

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