Payment Options for Your Century Link Account

Century Link LogoOne of the biggest telecommunications and digital service providers in the United States, Century Link offers millions of customers a number of products to its subscribers, including high speed internet, entertainment media, phone lines and more.

If you’re a subscriber to Century Link and looking to make a payment on your bill, follow this guide and find your preferred payment method below.

Make a One-Time Payment Online

  1. Prepare your Century Link account number and have your payment method details ready
  2. Head to the Century Link quick bill pay website
  3. Enter either your billing account or the phone number associated with your account and click the “Continue” button

CenturyLink   Quick Bill Pay

  1. Choose your preferred payment method and enter the pertinent information for your chosen payment. Submit the payment to Century Link
  2. Look through and verify your details again, then finalize your payment submission

Create an Account and Log In to Make an Online Payment

From the Century Link website, click the My Account tab or, to start there, follow this link: Click the “Enroll Now” button near the bottom of the page (marked with purple in the image below). A popup box will appear asking for your phone or account number, fill it out and click Go. On the following pages, follow the prompts to get your account created, including the creation of your user name and password.

Once you have your account fully created, head back to the web address and input your user name and password into the fields in the My Account Login box, then click the green Login button.

CenturyLink MyAccount Login and Enrollment

After logging in, head to bill payment and select what type of payment method you would like to add to your account. Enter the requested information and save the account, then head back to bill payment and choose the amount you would like to pay, the payment date and the account that you would like to make the payment from and submit it. Verify your details and finalize the payment.

Make a Payment Over the Phone

Where you live will determine the phone number you have to call to make a payment over the phone. Click here to find the phone number specific to your geographic region.

Mail In Your Payment

Like phone payments, where you mail you payment to is dependent upon where you live. To find the address that you should send your check or money order to (never cash), click here and scroll down to enter your area code.

In-Person Payments

If you want to pay with cash or just want to visit a Century Link location to make your payment, visit the Century Link store locator and search for a location near you. When conducting your search, make sure to click the checkbox on the left side of the screen that says “Accepts Payments” so you know you are not wasting your time with the drive.

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