How to Pay Your CapitalOne Auto Loan

capital one auto finance logoAlthough they’ve only been around a little longer than 20 years, CapitalOne has become a massive force in the financial industry through offering many different types of lines of credit. Of the various lines of credit provided to customers from CapitalOne, their specialties are the following – credit cards, auto loans, sharebuilder investing and home loans. They also offer standard banking services like checking accounts and savings accounts among others.

If you are one of CapitalOne’s customers and have an auto loan payment that needs to be made or you are looking to see the status of your auto loan application, you may do so by following the instructions found in the rest of this guide.

Check the Status of an Auto Loan

If you’ve recently applied for a car loan through CapitalOne, you may be wondering what the current status of your application is. To find out where the decision is at, head over to the CapitalOne login page by clicking here. Next, you will want to click the grey box that says “Loans” and a dropdown menu will appear. Next, you want to click the blue “Sign In” button that’s on the same line as “Auto Loans – Application Status” as highlighted in this image:

check status

From here, enter your last name and the last four numbers of your social security number and click the green submit button.

capital one check status

Follow the rest of the prompts to find out your application status.

Make a CapitalOne Auto Loan Payment Online

  1. With your browser, navigate to the webpage (link is on the bottom of this page) by typing it in your address bar or merely clicking the highlighted link
  2. The dropdown box should already be set to “Auto Loans” but, if not, click it and select the choice
  3. Input your user ID or customer number and click the green “CONTINUE” button

Capital One auto login snap

  1. Navigate to the make a payment on your auto loan portion of the website and enter your payment information as well as how much you want to pay and when you would like the funds withdrawn from your account. Verify at all stages that your information is correct. Submit the payment
  2. Upon seeing a confirmation that your payment was successfully processed, you can close your window or view other information on the site about your account

Make a CapitalOne Auto Loan Payment by Mail

To make a payment through the mail, there are two addresses. One is for standard mail and the other is the address you will send to for overnight processing. The standard address is:

Capital One Auto Finanace Mail Adress Payment

However you choose to make your CapitalOne auto loan payments, always make sure that they’re on time so you don’t incur late fees or have your credit rating impacted.

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