How to Pay your Bill With AAA membership card

American Automobile Association (AAA) LogoThough the American Automobile Association (AAA) is often referred to as a single organization, it is actually a kind of an alliance of multiple auto clubs being operated under a single banner. However, and for the most part, the functionality of the various organizations that make up AAA are synchronous to the point that a AAA insured driver from New York can contact an AAA in Texas to receive roadside assistance without encountering any issues.

And, speaking of their roadside assistance, AAA’s is often shown to be some of their customer’s primary reason for signing up with the company’s insurance coverage. And that’s for good reason, too. Their roadside assistance is one of the most consistently high rated services in the country.

If you receive your car insurance from AAA and are looking for ways to pay your bill, follow the directions found in the method below that you would like to use.

Registering Beforehand

Even if you have been a member of AAA for your whole life, you will need to register your account with the insurance company before you can actually make any kind of payments online. To get started on the registration process (it will only take a couple minutes), click here to go to their registration page. If you’re not in southern California (as is shown in the example below), you will have to go to the AAA website, which will redirect you to your local AAA’s site. From there, you’ll have to click the register link that should be found near the actual login prompts.

Once you have the registration page loaded for your location, you’ll begin by entering your AAA membership number and zip code:

aaa register

From there, follow the prompts to complete registration and create your personal login credentials, which will be used on the next part of this guide.

Online Payments

  1. With your internet browser, head on over to (you will find the live link on the bottom of this page). This link will automatically load your local AAA’s site for your convenience
  2. Enter your username and password, which you chose during the registration process above, and click the Login button
    aaa login
  3. Navigate to the premium payment section of the AAA website
  4. Enter the amount you would like to pay as well as the date on which you would like the payment to be drawn from your bank account. Enter your payment information and submit the payment
  5. Once you are presented with a screen that shows affirmation of your payment, you can close the browser
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Company name : The American Automobile Association
Address : 1000 Aaa Dr Heathrow
State: FL
Zip Code : 32746
Phone Number : (407) 444-7000

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