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Walmart Associate LogoFounded in 1962, Walmart has since become a staple all across towns and cities in the United States, and even in countries abroad. Today, Walmart is widely known for selling discounted products that are often cheaper than usual market prices. Due to its ability to provide affordable and quality goods, Walmart attends to over 200 million customers worldwide today, making it the world’s largest company by revenue as of 2014.

However, it isn’t only customers who gain a great user experience from Walmart, even employees do. To give their employees access to information regarding their benefits, health insurance and payroll, Walmart launched Walmart Associate. This is an online website that allows employees to manage their employment accounts with Walmart.

Advantages of having a Account

If you work for Walmart, having an online account will come in as a big advantage for you. Check out this list of advantages to understand what a MyWalmart Account can do for you.

  • You can gain easy access to your work schedules
  • You can easily connect with other MyWalmart associates
  • You can gain access to news and other important announcements
  • View information about employee benefits such as health insurances
  • Access your salary details, including breakdowns, bonuses, and possible deductions

How to Access your Account

If you’re currently enrolled to My Walmart, then here are the steps that you need to remember in order to navigate with ease.

  1. To gain access to your account, navigate to Once you open the page, you should see a page that is just like the one below. snap
  2. Type your login details (User ID and Password).
  3. Afterwards, click the ‘Login’ button.
  4. If you haven’t registered, just click on ‘Register’.
  5. Once you’re on the Registration page, there would be a list of information that you have to provide for registration. Check the screenshot below for a preview on what to expect during your registration process.
    For your egistration, you would need the following information: Identification Number provided by Walmart (also called as WIN), your date of birth, date you began to work for the company, and finally, your email address.

If you notice in the last screenshot, MyWalmart is replaced by WalmartOne. Recently, Walmart replaced the old My Walmart platform with this new and more updated version of the employee portal. en walmart home snap

However, if you are registered previously with , you can still access your account on the site.

For questions about your account, scroll down below for more contact details.

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  1. nancy bohn

    have an account and I got a new computer and cant seem to get on the site now. it says my email address doesn’t match. can you help me or get a new account


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