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Kohl's LogoOne of the benefits of working for a large company like Kohl’s is that you can view and manage many aspects of your employment online from the comfort of your own home. And, though it might seem like a bit of a task to get to your account the first time, it is well worth having all of that information readily available at your fingertips at a given notice.

If you are an employee at Kohl’s and you would like to log in and view your paystubs as well as some other information about your job with the company, this guide will help you get to and log in to your Kohl’s associate account.

Finding and Logging In to Your Kohl’s Associate Account

Although the web address ViewMyPay.Kohls.com is no longer readily available for Kohl’s associates to use as a portal for logging in and checking your pay stubs, you can still get this task done by following a few links and logging in through a different site. These directions will get you there:

  1. Go to the Kohl’s main website, available at www.kohls.com or follow the link at the bottom of this page in the green company box
  2. Once you are on the Kohl’s ecommerce site, scroll to the very bottom of the screen. Then, find and click the text link that says “Associate Services”

Kohls Associate Services Link

  1. The “Associate Services” link will take you to the Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise website. On this page, enter your user ID and password into the two text fields on the screen and click the gray “Sign In” box. Note: Your user ID and password should have been supplied to you by your work supervisor or human resources personnel. If they were not given to you, the user ID should be your employee number and your password may be the first three letters of your last name combined with the last five digits of your Social Security number – if those do not work, you can try to use the “Forgot your User Id/Password?” link on the Oracle sign in page

Kohls Employee login page at Oracle

  1. Once logged in, you should see a selection of items pertaining to your work at Kohl’s
  2. To view your paystubs, you will have to have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed, so if you are having any issues, head to www.adobe.com and install it. If you continue having issues, contact your Kohl’s supervisor and he or she should be able to help get your account squared away
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