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US Airways credit cardUS Airways was a large airline company with its base in the United States. However, the company underwent a merger with American Airlines, which mostly dissolved the US Airways brand. However, a few locations will maintain their US Airways name for a few years, which should end sometime before 2020.

On the other hand, Barclaycard is a division of the Barclays name that offers numerous credit cards to customers looking for semi personalized credit card rewards. The US Airways MasterCard is a prime example of this and is a collaborative offering between Barclaycard and US Airways.

For US Airways MasterCard cardholders, Barclaycard offers a few ways to make payments on the card, which are actually applicable for all Barclaycard credit cardholders, including Arrival Plus cards, Best Western MasterCards and many more.

Make a Payment Online

Before online payments become available to you as a Barclaycard cardholder, you will need to register online through the site’s registration page, available by clicking this Barclaycard US cardholder registration link. Fill out the information as shown in the following image to continue with registration:

us airways register

If you’re registered, you may follow these directions to pay your US Airways MasterCard online:

  1. With your browser, head to the US Airways MasterCard login page (which is the same login page for all Barclaycard cards)
  2. Input your username into the box in the “Cardmember login” section of the page. Click the box next to “Remember username” to have the system save your login name. Click the green “Log in” button

us airways login

  1. Click the Make a Payment link and choose to Add a New Bank Account if you have yet to set one up. Enter your payment information into the requested fields
  2. Select Make a Payment again and choose whether you want to make a single or recurring payment
  3. Input how much you would like to pay and when you would like it to be withdrawn. Submit the payment and you’re done once you see the confirmation screen

Make a Payment Through the Mail

To make a payment on your US Airways MasterCard credit card via the mail, write your account number on a check or money order and send it to the following address within five days of the bill’s due date:

US Airways Credit Card Payments
PO Box 13337
Philadelphia, PA 19101-3337

Make a Payment by Phone

For those of you who want to pay your bill over the phone, dial (888) 232-0780 and follow the automated prompts. While on the line, you may also check your balance, check your available credit and change your pin, among other actions.

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Zip Code : 85281
Phone Number : 1-800-428-4322

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