How to Make a TDS Bill Payment

TDS Telecom LogoBased out of the American upper Midwest, TDS Telecom offers internet and phone services, among others, to customers in over half of the states in the country. While they are a relatively large company with many subscribers around the United States, they are a fairly low-key company in that they are hardly scrutinized by the media or criticized heavily by the public.

If you are a TDS Telecom subscriber and would like to make a payment on your account online, you may do so by following the directions listed in this guide. And, if you do not already have an account created for online access, we walk you through that as well.

Make an Online Payment

Note: If you have not already signed up for online access to your TDS account, you will need to head over to their registration page. Registering for an account starts with you putting in your bill details, which includes your first and last name, account number and registration ID (which you can find on your bill):

 Online Account Registration   TDS Telecom

After typing in that information and clicking continue, you will go through the normal process of creating an online account, including setting up your sign in user name and password and more. After you are done making your account, log in as instructed below to make your payment online.

  1. Navigate to the TDS Epay account payment portal by clicking the link in the green company box near the bottom of this page
  2. Enter your user name (or email address) and your password into the fields in the middle of the screen, then click the Log In button

TDS Telecom Account Login

  1. Once signed in, navigate to TDS account bill payment
  2. When the site asks you to do so, choose how much you are going to pay. Select a payment date for the funds to be withdrawn from your account and then enter your payment method and the pertinent details, then submit your payment
  3. Confirm that the information you have selected for your TDS bill payment are correct and finalize the payment

For Assistance

If you have any issues with logging in or creating your account or you are having problems with your actual ordered TDS services, give the company a call directly by dialing (866) 571-6662. If you would like to chat with one of their representatives online, you can do so by visiting TDS Telecom help page and click the link that says “Chat with us” on the right side of the screen.

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