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How to Pay Your Verizon Wireless Bill

Verizon LogoOne of the few large cell phone coverage providers in the United States and abroad, Verizon’s main selling point is the amount of 4G LTE coverage offered by using their services. Once a part of AT&T before the government broke up what they considered to be a monopoly, Verizon went on to becoming a behemoth itself in the communications industry. The company provides telecommunications services to millions of people in America and continues to grow daily, especially since they began offering iPhones as a device option.

If you are one of the millions of people who subscribe to Verizon’s service, the company allows you a number of ways to pay your cell phone or other form of communications bills.

Pay Verizon Wireless Bill Online

If you have yet to register for online access to My Verizon, see the note below. Otherwise, follow these instructions to pay your bill online:

  1. With your browser, either type this URL into the address bar or simply click the link: Www.Verizonwireless.com/MYverizon (link is on the bottom of this page)
  2. Enter either your user ID or your mobile telephone number into the field provided and click the “Sign In” button. If you would like it to, check the “Remember me” box below the sign in button
    Verizon Login
  1. Enter your password when asked by the site to do so to finish signing in
  2. Go to “Account” then “Payment”
  3. Select Payment Options and choose how you would like to pay the bill. Input your payment information and submit it after you have verified that all of your information is correct

Note: Before you are allowed access onto the My Verizon website to pay your bill, you will have to register with the site first. To do so, head to the My Verizon Registration page and enter your cell phone number in the field highlighted in the image below. A new page will load and you’ll receive a text message on your cell phone with a pin. Enter the pin you received into the website where prompted and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the registration

verizon registration

Pay by Mail

To make a payment through standard mail, write your account or phone number on the check and send it to the following address:

PO Box 15124
Albany, NY 12212-5124


Pay in Person

Verizon also allows you to make payments in person. To find a location that accepts Verizon bill payments near you, visit the company’s “Payment Locations” page by clicking here. Enter your information and click the “Search” button and the site will show you where you can go to pay.

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Company name : Verizon Wireless
Address : P.O BOX 5029, Wallingford CT O649.
State: Connecticut
Zip Code : O649
Phone Number : (800) 922-0204

Instructions on Paying a Verizon Wireless Bill

Verizon LogoIncluded with Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T, Verizon is one of the “Big Four” cell phone providers in America. One of the things that sets Verizon apart from the others is that their they offer one of the most expansive maps in the United States of 4G connectivity. It is interesting to note that at one point, Verizon was actually a part of AT&T before anti-monopoly laws broke up the massive telephone service provider, and these days they’re highly competitive with each other. Along with cell phone coverage, Verizon also offers an array of communications solutions for business and personal use.

The largest single cell phone launch from Verizon was the iPhone 4, which drew a ton of new customers into their subscribership, and the brand has been a very major player since then. For those who use their services, Verizon offers a few ways to make payments, including online, over the phone, via the mail and in person at select payment locations. To make a payment yourself, find your preferred method below and follow the instructions provided.

Pay in Person

If you plan on making a payment in cash or simply do not want to register more of your personal information through their website, you can find participating locations through their locator. You can access it by clicking this Verizon locator link.

Pay Through the Mail

If you prefer to make payments through the mail, Verizon allows you to do so as well. Either include a bill slip or write your account on a check or money order and mail it to:

PO Box 15124
Albany, NY 12212-5124


Pay Your Bill Online

If you have yet to register for online access to your Verizon account, you will need to do so before being allowed to log in to make payments. Head over to the registration page by clicking here and complete the process for continuing with the rest of these instructions, starting with your phone number here:

verizon registration

If you’re registered, pay your bill as such:

  1. Using your internet browser of choice, either click the link or type this address into your address bar: verizon.com/myverizon
  2. Input your user ID into the field and in the dropdown menu select “Pay My Bill” and, if you would like, check the box that says “Keep me signed in” so you don’t have to type your login information again

verizon signin page

  1. When you click the “Sign In” button you will receive a prompt for your password, enter it to continue
  2. Enter how much you would like to pay toward your bill followed by your payment information
  3. After submitting your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation message once it goes through

There you have it, three ways to pay your bill to keep your phone (and social life) active.

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Company name : Verizon
Address : P.O. Box 15124 Albany
State: NY
Zip Code : 12212-5124
Phone Number : (800) 922-0204

My Verizon Login and Bill Pay

Verizon logoVerizon is an American telecommunications and broadband behemoth that provides a wide range of services under three separate lines of business – enterprise services, residential and small business services, and wireless services.

MyVerizon Bill Payment Options

Verizon makes it really simple and easy for customers to pay their bills. In this section we look at the various options that customers can choose to pay their Verizon bills with ease.

Pay online: Going to www.myverizon.com is one of the easiest and simplest ways to pay your Verizon bill. Once you register on myverizon.com you in turn have numerous payment methods to choose from that you can use to pay your Verizon bill.

Pay by phone: Verizon also offers the option to pay by phone by simply calling #PMT from your cellular device and going through the steps as instructed.

Pay by mail: There is also the option to pay by mail but it typically takes much more time as opposed to other options. That is the reason this is a payment option which is not highly encouraged, especially if you are comfortable with methods such as paying online or by phone.

Pay at Verizon Wireless stores: Verizon has plenty of its Verizon Wireless stores across the country where you can pay by any kind of payment you can think of.

How to Pay your Bill on Www.myVerizon.com Page

Paying your bill on www.myverizon.com is a really simple proposition.

  • The first step is to register on the site. Don’t worry, it is a really simple and straightforward process and won’t take more than a few minutes at best.
    This is the registration URL: https://myaccount.verizonwireless.com/accessmanager/public/c/reg/start
  • Once you are done doing so and have successfully logged in, you will see the Pay Bill page.
  • Here you will enter the amount that you wish to (or need to!) pay in the Payment Amount field.
  • The payment method options will then appear in front of you – input all the necessary details as stated.
  • Click Next.
  • Again there might be additional information to fill in, while also having to agree to Terms and Conditions as stated.
  • The final step would be to simply click Submit and voila – your bill will be paid!

Myverizon Bill Payment Address for Paying your Bills by Mail

To pay your bills by mail, you can send your payment to:

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Company name : Verizon
Address : P.O. Box 15124 Albany
State: NY
Zip Code : 12212-5124
Phone Number : (800) 922-0204

Pay your Verizon Bill Online Guide

Man paying his Verizon bill onlineIn 1998, Bell Atlantic and GTE telephone companies merged together to form Verizon. It was the largest merger in US history. Verizon Wireless is based in New York City and incorporated in Delaware. It began trading under the New York Stock Exchange and later on the NASDAQ exchange. Both the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange trades happen under the Verizon Wireless symbol. The symbol was chosen to represent the company because it uses the two letters of the Verizon logo that represent speed.

More About Verizon Wireless

The Verizon Wireless network is ranked highest in network quality performance among the largest wireless providers by a national research organization. After Verizon’s formation in mid-2000 through the end of the year 2010, Verizon’s customer base has grown from 25 million to over 94 million, partially from the acquisitions of Rural Cellular and Alltel. Verizon’s noticeable growth in recent years occurred in the wireless market. However, because the wireless market is near saturation with its penetration at 95 percent, Verizon’s growth is now shifting towards mobile data. In 2010, data accounted for 35.1 percent of wireless service revenues, whereas in 2009 it was only 29.9 percent.

Making Payments through Www.Verizon.com Payonline Page

It is possible to make a payment on www.verizon.com/payonline without having to create an account. All you’ll do is enter your Verizon telephone number, Verizon account number, and billing zip code. If you don’t have a telephone number, you can just provide your account number and billing zip code. You can also pay in person. They provide a location finder that you can use to determine where your payment station is.

Registering an Account with Verizon.com/payonline

In order to register an account with www.verizon.com/payonline, you have to first indicate what service you’re looking for, whether it’s wireless or residential. After selecting that option, you then must enter your Verizon home telephone number and either your last bill amount, last payment amount, or your Verizon account number. If you don’t have a Verizon home telephone number, you’ll have to input your Verizon account number and zip code.

Paying your bill on www.verizon.com/payonline Guide

  • Go to Www.Verizon.com/payonline.
  • 2. At the very top, right-hand side of your screen, you’ll see a black hyperlink with a red person next to it that says Sign In/Register. Click it.
  • In the drop-down box, enter your Verizon user ID.
  • Choose the “Pay my bill” and click the sign in page.
  • Now you are inside your account, you can pay your bill and manage it.

If you need personal help, don’t hesitate and contact Verizon payment team at-


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Company name : Verizon
Address : P.O. Box 15124 Albany
State: NY
Zip Code : 12212-5124
Phone Number : (800) 922-0204

My Verizon Login, Bill Pay and Account Management

myVerizon snapVerizon.com/myVerizon is not just another bill payment page, with my Verizon page you will be able to do so much more thing and actions – that you just won’t believe.

In this page we will explain to you all of the features in myVerizon webpage, how to pay your bill through Verizon.com/myVerizon and more.

Your Options through www.Verizon.com/myVerizon Page.

My Verizon webpage is your, as a Verizon customer, main place to manage your account online. This is a very simple to navigate website.

What can you do on Verizon.com my Verizon page?

  • You can check your Verizon mail – just click the “check Email” link.
  • You can pay your Verizon bill online (we will elaborate about this option on the next paragraph).
  • You can watch TV online – your TV shows and movies in one click. Just go to “watch TV online” link.
  • You can check your rewards – just click the “my rewards” link.

Now, you can do all that through myverizon page, but you need to login (or register) to do that.

Login and Pay your Verizon Bill through www.Verizon.com/myVerizon

  • Navigate to: Verizon.com/myVerizon
  • Sign in to your account using your user ID.
  • After inserting your user ID, the system will ask you to enter your password.
  • Now click the pay bill link.
  • You will be redirected to another page.
  • Now insert the statement number that you wish to pay.
  • Insert your card number and pay your bill.

It’s very easy to navigate, and to pay your bill through Verizon.com my Verizon page, its fast and secure – hustle free.

Enroll Auto pay through myVerizon Page

  • Navigate to Verizon.com/myVerizon page
  • Insert your user ID, and next – insert your password.
  • Click the “paperless billing” link on the top menu
  • check the “Enroll auto pay” box
  • Click the big red button – “continue”.
  • Click the “setup Auto pay” and choose your payment method
  • Choose your monthly date deduction
  • Review again all of these details, and insert your address.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click the “submit” link.

Now, you will not need to worry about paying your Verizon bills.

In case of any confusion, please contact my Verizon bill payment team at-

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Company name : Verizon
Address : P.O. Box 15124 Albany
State: NY
Zip Code : 12212-5124
Phone Number : (800) 922-0204

My Verizon Online Payment

My Verizon LogoVerizon Communications Inc., is a Dow 30 Company that has employed a disparate workforce. It is headquartered in New York in the United States of America. Their pride is in connecting people, communities and companies with powerful network technology on a daily basis. They have literally changed the world and the industry through their technology. Even as they do this, they stay true to their credo, which stipulates that they should provide clear direction for every employee’s action very day. The Online Login Bill Pay feature of this company managed by its subsidiary Verizon Wireless. It allows customers to settle their bills online through their customer account.

Online Log in and Bill Pay though Www.Verizonwireless.com/MYverizon

  1. Clients should first visit the following website https://www.verizon.com/foryourhome/MyAccount/ngen/upr/nlogin.aspxThis is the page set up.
  2. From here, they can either create an account (if they do not have an account yet) or sign in to www.verizonwireless.com/myverizon account. For security reasons, first enter your Use ID, choose where to downward menu (Email, News, & TV, Pay My Bill, My Services, Add or Change Services) and then click Sign in. You will be asked to enter your password on the next page.Enter ID select 'where to' then Sign in
  3. If they still haven’t created an account, the customer should click on “Register for www.verizonwireless.com/myverizon”.Register here.
  4. The client then fills the required “Get started” option. Before then , you will be asked if you have a Verizon Telephone number and a client provides a valid response for it-either YES or NO.
  5. The client then clicks on “Continue” section .If the system verifies that you have provided correct information, the client will be allowed to continue to the “create an ID and password” section.
  6. Here, the client is required to provide the information that they will use to access their My Verizon account during their various transactions.
  7. Once the account is created the customer returns to the customer login page and enters his user ID and password and then chooses “Pay My Bill” from the “Where to” section.

Need Support and Help to Pay Bill Using Verizonwireless.com/myverizon Page?

If a client cannot pay their bill using Pay Bill option, they need not to worry. They will sign in to their accounts and then click on the “Support” section. After clicking on that section, you will be re-directed to a site where you can learn how to pay the bills. Better still, you can either contact their customer care personnel through the following Live Chat, Verizon Wireless Community, social media or phone.

In case of any confusion, pleas contact my Verizon online and payment team at-

(2 raters, 9 scores, average: 4.50 out of 5)
Company name : Verizon Wireless
Address : P.O BOX 5029, Wallingford CT O649.
State: Connecticut
Zip Code : O649
Phone Number : (800) 922-0204