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How to Pay Your Valero Credit Card

valero cardThe Valero Energy Corporation runs a couple dozen refinery operations, but for the most part the company is mostly well known as a series of gas stations. Though the brand doesn’t quite reach the level of saturation that Chevron or Shell enjoys, Valero is still a very large company and should not be disregarded as a major player in the energy industry. Some of the brands that operate as subsidiaries of Valero include Shamrock, Ultramar and Texaco, a few of which were purchased from their competitor the Chevron Corporation.

Still, like its competition, the Valero Energy Corporation also offers credit cards, usually referred to as gas cards, for customers to purchase fuel on credit at the company’s service stations. If you’re a Valero cardholder and are looking for way to pay your bill, see the rest of the guide below:

Pay by Mail

If you would like to make a payment on your Valero credit card through the mail, write your account number on a check or money order and send it to:

DSRM National Bank
P.O. Box 300
Amarillo, TX 79105-0300

For those instances where you have to send your mail-in payment via express mail, send the payment to the following address:

DSRM National Bank
7201 Canyon Drive
Amarillo, TX 79110-4339

More information in the Valero Customer Support page

Pay Online

  1. With your preferred internet browser, go to the website valero.com/mycard by clicking the link on the bottom of this page.
  2. On the page that loads, there are a variety of buttons and links. Click the blue “Sign in” button found in the “Valero Self Serve” portion of the webpage

valero splash screen

  1. You should now be on a login screen. Under where it says “Secure Sign-In” type your user ID and click the green “Sign-In” button. Enter your password when prompted and continue into the website

valero sign in page

  1. Navigate to the part of the website that allows you to pay your bill. Enter the value that you would like to pay toward your Valero credit card and the date that you would like it withdrawn from your account. Input your billing data and submit the payment after you have verified that the information is correct
  2. If you don’t receive a confirmation message, go back and check your data again. If you do, your payment is complete and you may leave the site at your leisure

Pay Over the Phone

To make a Valero credit card payment over the company’s automated phone system, dial (800) 333-3560. Call during business hours to pay with help from a customer service agent, though doing so will incur a small fee.

Note: You can’t pay at Valero gas stations or retail locations.

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Company name : Valero
Address : San Antonio
State: Texas
Zip Code : 78249
Phone Number : (210) 345-2000

Credit Card and Bill Payment – Valero Mycard

Valero LogoValero was chartered in 1st Jan, 1980. It is a Fortune 500 corporation, based in San Antonio. Valero Energy Corporation along with its subsidiaries is a global manufacturer & marketer of power, transportation fuels & various other petrochemical products. It is indulged in marketing its products in roughly 40 U.S. states, UK, Caribbean region, Ireland, United Kingdom, etc. It makes substantial investments for producing cleaner-burning gasoline, ethanol-blended fuels, diesel, etc. Its portfolio related to specialty products includes Asphalt, Sulfur, Aromatics, Solvents, Propane, Petroleum Coke, etc. Subsidiaries of Valero employ around 10,000 people. Its assets include 16 petrochemical refineries, 11 ethanol plants & 50-megawatt wind farm.

Steps to Login to www.Valero.com/Mycard

The best to access information about Valero Card is by visiting the following URL – www.Valero.com/mycard. However, to be able to access information and pay your bills, you will have to visit www.Valero.com/mycard and login to your account with the required information. Now, despite the fact that the login process of www.Valero.com/mycard is easy enough even for a novice person, some people do face difficulties while trying to login. To help them out, here we are going to give a detail account of the login process –


  • Open the website – http://www.valero.com/default.aspx
  • Click on the sign in button located at the top left navigation menu.
  • Make a choice from the drop down option.
  • Enter user id and password.
  • Now you can see information and pay your Valero bill.


Contact Them Directly

If you are facing any difficulties, you can get in touch with the company at the following address –

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Company name : Valero
Address : San Antonio
State: Texas
Zip Code : 78249
Phone Number : (210) 345-2000

Making Valero Credit Card Bill Payment

valeroValero Energy Corporation is a multinational petroleum refining and marketing company and it operates in the USA, UK, Canada, and the Caribbean. It was ranked 9th in the Fortune 500 list of companies in 2013.


Other than having refineries that produce petroleum products from crude oil it also has a number of Ethanol plants. In addition to its big industries, Valero has built a strong presence in trade and commerce also. Valero’s chain of gas stations is spread all over the USA.

Valero Consumer Credit Cards

Valero issues a variety of cards to customers: Consumer Credit Cards, Gift &Fuel cards, and Fleet Credit cards. Gift & fuel card can be used for making payments instead of paying through cash. Consumer Credit cards and Fleet credit cards can be used as credit cards to make payments and avail discounts and other benefits, however to make payment online, they will need to visit – http://www.valero.com/creditcard section. Consumer Credit cards are suitable for individuals whereas the Fleet Credit cards are great for businesses having fleets of transport vehicles. A company with a fleet of trucks can use the fleet card to make payments for all its fuel consumption.

Benefits Of Using Consumer Credit Cards

Individuals can get many benefits of using Consumer Credit cards. One can keep track of his fuel consumptions, manage his account online, and utilize the advantages of flexible payment terms. On each Gallon of gas, a rebate of 30 cents is offered to the card holder.

To locate a Valero gas station in your area log onto http://www.valero.com/creditcard You can get all the important information regarding Valero Energy Corporation and the services it offers on the Internet. Consumers can also write to Valero at:

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Company name : Valero Energy Corporation
Address : San Antonio P.O. Box 696000
State: Texas
Zip Code : 78269-6000
Phone Number : (866) 297-6093
Website : www.valero.com