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Make a Meijer Credit Card Payment

Meijer Credit CardAlthough they are one of the largest retailers in the United States, the Meijer brand is mostly only located in a handful of states in the central regions of the country. They offer combination grocery and discount retail and are very similar to the Walmart or Kmart brands.

For those of you who have a Meijer credit card and need to make a payment on your account, we have collected a number of methods available for you. Just find the one you prefer and read the instructions given.

Meijer Credit Card Payments Online

Before you can make a payment on your Meijer credit card through Comenity Bank, you need to have an account created that will allow you to log in to the payment portal. To do this, go to the Meijer credit card login page and click the grey “Sign up” button near the bottom left of the page. Go through the prompts to make your account, then you can follow the directions below to complete your payment:

  1. Head to the www.Meijer.com/creditcard page by following this link or by clicking the one in the green contact box near the end of this page
  2. Click the link that says “My mCard Account”

Meijer Credit Card Splash

  1. Type your user name and password in the labeled fields and if you want the site to keep you signed in for future visits click where it says “Remember me.” Click the blue “Sign in” button

Meijer credit card payment login at Comenity Bank

  1. Once logged in to the Account Center, go to bill payment
  2. When prompted to do so by the site, enter your payment information, including how much you want to pay and when you want it to be withdrawn from your checking account as well as your checking account number and your bank’s routing number
  3. Verify the accuracy of your payment details and submit the payment

Information on Pay by Mail

To get the address for making payments by mail, reference your monthly invoice or sign in to the online Account Center and the payment mailing address will be listed there.

Make a Payment by Phone

If you would like to make a payment on your Meijer credit card over the phone, call their customer service line at (866) 763-4537. However, making a payment this way will incur a nominal fee.

In-Store Meijer Card Payments

If none of the above options are favorable to you and you make trips to Meijer stores often as it is, you can easily make a payment at the customer service desk or with any cashier.

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Company name : Meijer, Inc.
Address : 2929 Walker Ave Grand Rapids
State: MI
Zip Code : 49544
Phone Number : (616) 453-6711

Meijer Credit Card Bill Pay

Meijer Credit CardsMeijer, Inc is a regional American-based hypermarket chain. Headquarter of the same is located in Walker, Michigan. It was incorporated in 1934. It was being founded by Hendrik Meijer who was a Dutch immigrant. By occupation, he was a local barber, who commenced grocery business during Great Depression. Interestingly, Meijer was among first few stores, which would offer shopping carts & self-service shopping. Maijer was the first hypermarket store in the United States along with combining an extensive assortment of merchandise under one roof.

This hypermarket chain has often earned appreciation for offering superior quality products & services. It operates in over 194 locations all across the nation. The aim of Meijer is to set superior benchmark related to delivery of products & services at low cost. The credit of popularizing the concept of supercenter in 1962 goes to Meijer. www.Meijer.com/creditcard is the webpage through which you may apply for Meijer Credit Card. In addition to the same, you can also access various financial services.

Steps to Make Meijer Credit Card Payment

If you are an existing Meijer credit cardholder, you can easily login onto www.Meijer.com/creditcard, in order to access & check your account balance & various exciting promotional deals. Though the process of www.Meijer.com/creditcard payment is by and large simple, people do face some difficulties and for that reason, here we are going to give a step by step account of the bill payment process –

  • Visit www.Meijer.com/creditcard page.
  • Click on the ‘Pay Online’ button.
  • On the login screen, please enter your User Name.
  • Then Click on the Login In button.
  • Now, follow the instructions written therein.
  • Make the payment finally.

Meijer.com/creditcard – Login and Pay Your Bill

You can make the payment of your credit card in a convenient manner through www.Meijer.com/creditcard. The moment, you open up this webpage, you will see ‘Log in to your Meijer credit card online account’ on the right side of the webpage. There, you will see two options called ‘manage account’ & ‘pay online’. Click on ‘pay online’. Then, enter your ‘User name’ & click on ‘Log In’.

In case of any doubt, contact at-

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Company name : Meijer, Inc.
Address : 2929 Walker Ave Grand Rapids
State: MI
Zip Code : 49544
Phone Number : (616) 453-6711