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How to Pay Your LabCorp Bill

Labcorp LogoLabCorp is one of the largest providers of lab work available to nearly everyone. They offer a substantial number of medical tests, including the discovery of ailments such as food allergies, diabetes, celiac disease, UTIs, arthritis and many, many more. The majority of lab testing done by LabCorp happens in their massive facility at their headquarters, which is located in North Carolina. They have been in operation since the late 70s, and have spearheaded a number of testing methodologies, most notable being the use of PCR tech for genome work.

While many of the tests provided by LabCorp will be covered by the patient’s insurance, there are still a number of situations where the patient will have to pay the bill him or herself. In these cases, paying the bill is a fairly easy process. If you have an invoice from LabCorp and would like to pay it, you can do so by following the guide below.

Pay Online

  1. Open an internet browser and go to www.labcorp.com/billing
  2. Using the invoice number printed on the bill sent to you, Enter the information asked for on the LabCorp billing page in these fields

Labcorp invoice

  1. Once you logged in, navigate to the “Pay My Bill” section of the site if you are not already there
  2. Choose how you would like to pay and enter your payment information. Verify that the information you’re about to send is absolutely correct and submit the payment when you are ready
  3. After receiving a confirmation number for your payment, you’re all done and can navigate away from the LabCorp website

Pay Through the Mail

To mail your payment to LabCorp, send it to the address that’s printed on your bill. There are a number of receiving locations around the country, so if you don’t have your bill anymore or are unsure, call their customer service line at (800) 845-6167.

Pay by Phone

Using the customer service phone number, you may also make payments on your LabCorp bill by phone. That number again is (800) 845-6167. Payments through their automated voice system is available at any hour, seven days a week.

Pay in Person

If you would like to make the payment on your bill in person, you simply need to visit one of the company’s many patient service centers. To find the one nearest to you, visit LabCorp’s Find a Lab page and input your information into the fields highlighted below


If you have any questions about your bill or about the company in general, please call LabCorp’s customer service line or send a letter to the contact information shown in the box below.

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Company name : Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings
Address : PO Box 2240 Burlington
State: NC
Zip Code : 27216-2240
Phone Number : 800-845-6167

Labcorp Medical Bill Payment

LabCorp LogoLabCorp is a network of clinical laboratories, that performs laboratory tests upon the request from licensed physician or anyone lawfully orders the laboratory to do so. The clinical laboratory network offers esoteric testing, anatomic and clinical pathology, and genomics, to its customers all around the United States. You can sign up with www.labcorp.com, to make appointments, receive test results, pay your bills and manage health information.

Log in and mange your Labcorp.com account

Members can sign in and get connected with www.labcorp.com by logging into their MSN live accounts with their ID and password.

www.labcorp.com/wps/portal/register snap

To create an account, you click on “Sing Up” tab on the homepage, connect with health vault through your Live ID. LabCorp will send you an email notification to fill an online form and get registered.

LabCorp Payment Options

  • Online payment: To pay your bills online, go to “My Bill” link on www.labcorp.com/billing and click on “Pay My Bill” available at the left of your screen. Enter invoice number from your bill, and your ZIP code. You will receive an email notification. You are required to clear your dues as soon as you receive notification from the company. Through www.labcorp.com/billing, you can pay your personal health insurance, Medicaid, medicare, and receive discounts on routine tests. If you do not have any invoice number, you may contact LabCorp customer service at 08008456167, or fax your information at 8662272939.
  • Payment on call: To make payments over the phone, call 08008456167 and verify your invoice number, ZIP code, credit card account details and telephone number to make payments.
  • Pay in person: visit the nearest patient service center and pay your patient bills via cash, credit card, debit card and personal check.
  • Pay by mail: you can send money order and personal check to the address on your mentioned on your bill, to make payment via mail.

In case of any confusion, do not hesitate and call Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings bill payment team at-

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Company name : Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings
Address : PO Box 2240 Burlington
State: NC
Zip Code : 27216-2240
Phone Number : 800-845-6167