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Infiniti Financing (USA) Bill Payment Options

Infiniti LogoInfiniti is the luxury car brand owned and operated by the Nissan corporation. They feature a number of vehicles, all of which reach far above the standards set by the parent company. Consequently, the prices for new Infiniti vehicles are often much higher than the vehicles sold under the Nissan banner, but for those that can afford the difference the benefits are far worth the price.

If you have an account with Infiniti Financial Services for a leased or loaned Infiniti vehicle, there are a few options available to pay your car bill.

Finding Your Infiniti Car Payment Mailing Address

To make a payment to Infiniti Financial Services, you will have to visit the brand’s special contact page for mailing addresses by clicking here. In the middle of that page, you will see two dropdown boxes, select the options that pertain to your Infiniti account and they will give you the address that you should send your payment to.

Online Infiniti Car Payment

Making online payments to Infiniti don’t actually happen through the website itself. You will have to use the service BillMatrix to complete the transaction. You will be charged a small fee for using this service.

  1. Navigate to the IFS Online Payment page. Click here to go there or, if you follow the link in the green box at the bottom of this page, click the “PAY NOW” button:

Infiniti Car Payment Pay Now Button

  1. Click the yellow button that says “Start Payment Process”

Infiniti Online Car Payment Start

  1. Input the requested account information, including your zip code and phone number, then click the “Next” button

Infiniti BillMatrix Account Info Entry

  1. Input your payment information into the fields and move on to the next page
  2. Check that your payment options are what you want them to be then continue
  3. Finalize your payment with Infiniti through BillMatrix
  4. Upon receipt of a confirmation number for your payment, you can leave the site or simply close down your browser

Infiniti Car Payment by Phone

If you would like to make a payment to Infiniti for your car payment over the phone, you will have to use the BillMatrix system. The phone number to call is (800) 606-6613. Follow the prompts given by the BillMatrix automated system to complete your bill pay. Like the online BillMatrix online payment, using this service will incur a small fee from BillMatrix.

If you encounter any problems with or you have questions about BillMatrix, you can reach their customer service hotline by dialing (800) 967-9649.

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Company name : Infiniti Financing
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Infiniti Financing (USA) Bill Payment Options

Infiniti LogoIn 1989 the Infiniti brand was started in the US market. Their intention was to target the premium vehicle segments, which could not have fitted with the Nissan conventional image that was somehow influenced by the 1985 Plaza Accord. This brand was created almost the same time with other rivals such as the Toyota and Honda that were produced by Lexus and Acura brands respectively.

During this time, Japan decided to enforce a restrain for the US market, that was aimed at making it more profitable to export prolific cars to the US. Apart from that, Infinit has come up with a system called the Infiniti Financial Services that offer flexible, simple ways to acquire a new Infinity or a Prequlified one. There are two ways to infiniti bill pay, financing or leasing it. The terms are conducive for all to afford this automobile if only they engage in the financial option of their option that could be tailored to fit their requirement.

Infiniti Bill Payment Options

There are three main options that would enable one to make a fast payment for infiniti bill pay, that is convenient and with easy to make.

Payment Option 1:

You could arrange how a certain amount can be deducted from your savings account or check in order to cater for the monthly payments. There are two paths that can be followed to sign up for withdrawal option.

  • The first way is to register for a Recurring Payments through the IFS Online system which you can choose the payment date once you are registered. This method is hassle free, secure and flexible. Via this page: https://www.infinitifinance.com/nmaccss.
    IFS Account Manager page
  • The other method is to use the mail to enroll for DIRECTPAY that helps you know your contracted payment to be deducted monthly.

Payment Option 2:

This will involve paying via phone or the internet by use of credit card, debit card or an electronic check that can make a one-time payment through BillMatrix. All this is possible through calling 800.603.7385 or logging into the IFS Account Manager system, so as to ensure infiniti bill pay is up to date.

Online payment page

Payment Option 3:

The last option is to mail your check or money order and a billing statement will be sent to the payment address.

For more information please contact Infiniti customer services at

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Company name : Infiniti Financing
Address : TX 75266
State: Dallas
Zip Code : 0360
Phone Number : 800-662-6200