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Payment Options for Your Golden State Water Company Bill

Golden State Water Company logoCovering a huge service area, Golden State Water Company offers its customers clean, potable water with no real effort needed (just turn on your tap). Having been in service for nearly eighty years, they have developed a massive system to serve California residents from all over the state.


They offer a large collection of payment options, however, they do not have a direct log in section on the Golden State Water Company website. You can still make payments online, however,  they will be completed in a fairly different manner than most other online bill payments. Additionally, we will cover making in-person, over the phone, and mail in payments.


Digital/Online Payment Options

Golden State Water Company offers two ways to pay your water bill online, though, as described above, they are a little unconventional when it comes to making online payments.

EFT/Auto Payments

The first is via signing up for Electronic Fund Transfers by downloading, printing and filling out this payment application. After filling out your name, phone number, address, account number, and writing in your bank’s routing and your checking account numbers, sign and date the form then mail it to:

PO Box 9016
San Dimas, CA 91773-9016

Mailing this form in will authorize the water company to withdraw the amount owed each month, making bill payment a literal worry-free task.

Checkfree Online

Checkfree Online offers a website for you to sign in to for online payments, and you can enroll and log in to their site through the same page. Follow the instructions on that page to get set up with the service.

In-Person Payment Options

The Golden State Water Company offers its customers a number of different options to make a bill payment in person.

  1. For those who might be out shopping already at a Kmart, Ralphs or Safeway, Golden State Water bills can be paid at any of these locations. Simply visit the customer service desk and inform them that you would like to make a payment on your account.
  2. You can also visit any Western Union location and make a payment through their Quick Collect system. To find the Western Union closest to you, visit the Western Union locator by clicking here.
  3. Local offices for Golden State Water Company will also accept payments by cash, check or money order. To find the office nearest you, follow these directions:

a. Click the link found in the green contact box near the bottom of this page

b. In the “In-Person” section, find the drop down box that says “Select Your Community”

c. Click the “Select Your Community” box and choose the city you live in or the one you live closest to then click the orange “GO” button

Golden State Water Company Select Community

d. On the page that loads, you will see an address under the “Office Location”

Golden State Water Company Office Location

e. Visit that office location to pay your water bill

Mail In Your Payment

To send Golden State Water Company a bill payment through the mail, write your account number on a check and send it to:

Golden State Water Company
PO Box 9016
San Dimas, CA 91773-9016

Pay Over the Phone

And last, but not least, you can make a water bill payment over the phone through Western Union’s Speedpay service by dialing (866) 508-9314. You can use debit, credit or electronic check through this system.

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Company name : Golden State Water Company
Address : 630 E. Foothill Boulevard, San Dimas
State: California
Zip Code : 91773
Phone Number : 1-800-999-4033

Golden State Water Company Payment Options

GSwater LogoGolden State Water Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American States Water Company. The company is a public water utility in California, duly regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the California Department of Public Health and the Public Utilities Commission. The company has been around for more than 80 years, and they pride themselves on their professionalism in delivering quality water and excellent service to their customers in 75 communities across the state.

In keeping with their mandate of providing excellent service, the company has a number of Pay options for their customers to choose from, enumerated on www.gswater.com/payment-options

Pay Your Bill with Www.GSwater.Com/Payment-Options Page

  • To see the payment options available to them, customers can visit http://www.gswater.com/payment-options/
    gswater.com payment-options snap
  • GSWater customers can choose to pay in-person through their local Western Union shop, or directly to GSWater offices, depending on where they are.
  • They can also choose to pay by phone via Western Union speedpay. The number to call is 1-866-508-9314. They will have to pay a service fee of $2.00.
  • Customers can also pay via mail by sending their check to PO Box 9016, San Dimas, CA 91773-9016.
  • And lastly, GSWater Bill Pay can also be done through electronic fund transfer or auto payment.
  • If they want to pay via the automatic payment feature, they ahve fill up the auto pay form, which can be found here
  • If they want to pay via electronic fund transfer, customers should go here. From the checkfree site customers can sign up, select American States Water Company as the biller, and pay their bills online.

In case of any confusion contact GSwater payment team at-

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Company name : Golden State Water Company
Address : 630 E. Foothill Boulevard, San Dimas
State: California
Zip Code : 91773
Phone Number : 1-800-999-4033