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How to Pay Your GM Card Balance

GM Credit CardFor those who can qualify for it, the GM Card is a pretty interesting reward-giving credit program available to select Chase bank customers. The card itself is supplied by Capital One, which makes a large partnership between the auto manufacturer GM, Chase and the credit card purveyor. Where most credit card reward programs have points that can be used to earn discounts on purchases like electronics or travel, the points on a GM Card can get put directly toward the purchase of a new General Motors vehicle.

Understandably, the card has become quite popular, especially for those who have a taste for GM cars, trucks and SUVs. If you have a GM Card, there are a few ways that you can pay your bill, and we will go over them below. You can:

Pay Your Bill Online

  1. Use your browser to pull up www.GMCard.com
  2. Click the “LOG IN” button on the top-right portion of the screen as shown here:

gm card login link

  1. On the following page, click the “MANAGE YOUR CAPITAL ONE ACCOUNT” button, which will take you to the actual log in screen


  1. On the “Your Account Login” page enter your Username and Password, which you should have set up through the GM Card online access register page.

online access register

  1. Once signed in, navigate to the pay bill section. Enter your payment information and submit it

Pay Your Bill Over the Phone

If you would like to pay your GM Card bill over the automated telephone system, you can do so by calling (888) 316-2390. You can also request to speak to a live operator to help guide you through the payment process.

This is also the number you should call if you encounter any issues with your GM Card.

Send Your Payment Through the Mail

While it is a bit of a pain to find, there actually is a mailing address that you can send your check or money order to make payments toward your GM Card. If you choose to pay by mail, make sure that your account number is written on the check. Likewise, ensure that you have at least five days left to make your payment on time, otherwise your payment might not be submitted in time to remain current on your account.


In case of any misunderstanding, or if you still need help paying your GM Card bill, don’t hesitate and contact the GM credit card bill payment team at-

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Company name : GM Card
Address : Capital One Care Center, Salt Lake City
State: UT
Zip Code : 84130-0256
Phone Number : 1-888-316-2390
Website : www.gmcard.com

Pay your HSBC GM Credit Card Bill online

HSBC GM LogoThe GM Card is one of the most unique credit card programs in the market today. Although originally issued by HSBC as the HSBC GM Credit Card line, in 2012 Capital One purchased a sizable portion of HSBC’s credit card offerings and customers in the country. The total sale amounted to roughly $33.9 billion, one of the biggest corporate buyouts at the time. The GM card is aptly named because cardholders are able to accumulate earnings that can then be used when purchasing a selection of new GM or General Motors vehicles. Vehicles under the GM umbrella include such iconic and well-known brands like Chevrolet, Buick and GMC. At present the GM card has 2 main lines: their consumer cards, offered by Capital One, and their business cards, offered by Chase.

There are 2 GM cards in the consumer line: the Buypower Card and the GM Extended Family Card. The GM Extended Family Card is only for existing GM employees and their families. The Buypower Card, on the other hand, is for everyone else. It gives 5% earnings on first $5,000 in purchases every year; each succeeding purchase after that net 2% earnings. These earnings do not expire and can be used when purchasing the customer’s GM car of choice. The GM Business Card, on the other hand, gives a percentage of earnings depending on what you buy: 5% earnings on GM parts, accessories and service; 3% on gas stations, restaurants and office supply stores, and 1% on all other purchases. Both sets of cards can also be managed online.

HSBC GM Credit Card Bill Payment Instructions

  • You should first go to https://www.gmcard.com/login
  • From there you are given a selection of login options depending on your card. If you have a GM consumer card (OPTION A), then click on MANAGE YOUR CAPITAL ONE ACCOUNT. If on the other hand you have a GM business card (OPTION B), then click on MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS CARD ACCOUNT
    GMcard choose your card account
  • OPTION A: You are now at the Capital One log in screen. Input your username and password then click on the Log in button.
    GMcard log in to capital one account
  • OPTION B: You are now at the Chase login screen. Input your user ID and then click on the LOG IN TO ACCOUNTS button.
    GMcard log in to chase account
  • Both log in options enable you now make your bill payment online.
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Company name : GM Card
Address : 1680 Capital One Drive, McLean
State: Virginia
Zip Code : 22102
Phone Number : (703) 720-1000

GM Card Account Online Payment

GM CardGeneral Motors needs no introduction as it is a highly popular American-based multinational corporation, based at Michigan. This corporation designs, creates, markets & distributes vehicles & vehicle parts along with offering varied financial services.

The GM Card

www.GMCard.com is actually the official website for GM Card, offered through HSBC Bank. If you are an owner of GM vehicle or if you are all set to be proud owner of GM vehicle, this card may be an ideal card for you. This card allows you to receive 5% earning on any purchase of a new General Motors appropriate vehicle while you make use of the same. There is no annual fee. The GM Flexible Earnings cards fetch you 3% earnings on buying a new GM vehicle.  On top of that, it also fetches you 1% unlimited cash back on purchase. www.GMCard.com also makes available the Extended Family Card & the GM Business Card.

Login and Pay Your Bill

  • In case if you are already a GM card holder, you can directly click on ‘Log In’ at the top right side of the homepage of www.GMCard.com and pay your bill
  • In case if you want to obtain your card or if you have been invited by HSBC GM Card, you can browse through various cards and can choose the most appropriate one. Choosing a suitable card may appear tricky at the very first instance, but with the help of the well-charted FAQ and via contacting a customer representative, you can certainly take a right decision.

In case of any question, contact at the following address:

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Company name : GM Card
Address : Capital One Care Center, Salt Lake City
State: UT
Zip Code : 84130-0256
Phone Number : 1-888-316-2390