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How to Pay Your CarMax Auto Finance Payment

CarMax LogoAlthough relatively new to the automotive sales industry, CarMax has already set itself apart as a trustworthy dealership of new and used cars. Their trade-in service is wonderful and does not take into account whether or not customers actually purchase from them, though most usually do since they have the cash on hand immediately and the car prices are notably fair.

If you, like millions of others, have purchased a car from CarMax and need to make a payment on the vehicle, follow the instructions here to complete the task.

Make an Online Payment

Note: You must register first before making online payments to CarMax Auto Finance. Click here to register and fill in your information as requested by the online form. Information you will need to supply includes your full name, zip code, email address & password (for online account creation), CarMax Auto Finance account number, the last four of your Social Security number and your date of birth:

 CarMax Auto Finance Registration Form

This is followed by two consent forms that you must read and agree to before your account will be created. Once created, follow these steps to make your payment online:

  1. Point your browser toward the CarMax Auto Finance payment page (This link will open the page in a new window or browser tab)
  2. Click the blue button with a key on it labeled “MyCarMax”

CarMax Auto Finance Splash

  1. Enter your email and password (which you chose during the registration process discussed above) into the fields and click the green “Sign In” button

CarMax Auto Finance Login

  1. Navigate to bill pay and enter your banking account information as requested and follow the prompts to complete the payment. During this step, make sure your entered information is correct then submit your payment
  2. You CarMax Auto Finance bill pay is complete once the site informs you that your payment was successful

Phone Payments

To make a CarMax Auto Finance bill payment over the phone, call them by dialing (800) 925-3612. The phone system is automated, so simply follow the prompts to complete your payment. Once you have written down your confirmation number, your bill pay is complete.

Mail-In Payments

To mail your payment to CarMax Auto Finance, send a check or money order to:

carmax payment adress 1

If you are making a final payment on your vehicle (payoff), send it to:

carmax payment adress 2

Western Union or MoneyGram

You can also make CarMax Auto Finance bill payments through Western Union and MoneyGram service locations. To find a WesternUnion near you, dial (800) 238-5772. For MoneyGram locations, dial (800) MONEYGRAM.

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Company name : CarMax Auto Finance
Address : P.O. Box 440609 Kennesaw, GA 30160
State: Georgia
Zip Code : 3612
Phone Number : (800) 925-3612

CarMax Auto Finance Payment

Carmax Auto Finance LogoCarMax Company retails used cars and sells them over the United States. It has a financial branch, the CarMax Auto finance that finances clients on Vehicles. The Company is dedicated to providing the best services across the board for its customers. The company so far has a record of assisting more than 250,000 customers acquire vehicles from their stocks. The company does not provide for any other purchase options apart from direct options. A customer’s CarMax Auto Finance bill pay is worth since the company helps its customer to find the vehicles of their choice and a guide towards a customer’s CarMax Auto Finance account.

Why is CarMax Auto Finance reliable?

  1.  Register online at CarMax location of your choice.
  2. Fast replies from a customer care agent in less than 10 minutes.
  3. Low rate charges and convenient terms and conditions.
  4. The services are customer centred.
  5. Stress free and reliable payment options.

Carmax Auto Finance Pay Bill Online Guide

CarMax auto finance bill pay can be made in a number of ways, among them the online payment method. Online payment method is absolutely the cheapest way to make the payments.

Online Carmax Auto Finance Payment Method

  1.  Sign up online at https://www4.carmax.com/account/association for an account.
    www4.carmax.com account association
  2. Once you register choose between single payments and recurring payments.
  3. For those who already have an account should sign in at https://www3.carmax.com/account/signin?ReturnUrl=http%25253a%25252f%25252fwww.carmax.com%25252fenus%25252fcarmax-auto-finance%25252fdefault.html 
    Sign in to MyCarMax page (snap)
  4. After signing in make the payments.
  5. Get updates from your account once you sign in.
  6. Check account history on the number and amount of transactions made over the period since you made your first payment.
  7. Change your profile information at your comfort. This may include your valid phone details and email that are used to contact you.

Other CarMax Auto Finance Payment Methods

CarMax Auto finance bill pay can be made in other different methods that include;

  1. Payment by phone, where a customer can make a call to 1-800-925-3612 and speak to a customer care agent, hand in his or her payment details. A verification code is sent to a customer’s phone.
  2. Payment by use of mail, a customer should email his or her payment details to CarMax Auto Finance, PO Box 3174Milwaukee, WI 53201-3174.

Note: There are no available penalty charges on the company’s website, but it depends with the agreement of your payment details. If the charges are not made in time there is a likely hood of being penalised. To avoid penalties one can contact customer care on 1-800-925-3612.

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Company name : CarMax Auto Finance
Address : P.O. Box 440609 Kennesaw, GA 30160
State: Georgia
Zip Code : 3612
Phone Number : (800) 925-3612