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Logging Into and Paying Your CareCredit Bill Online

CareCredit Credit CardDesigned around the idea that medical and plastic procedures can cost far more than most people have readily available, CareCredit credit cards are used to pay for surgeries, medical procedures, medicines and more. The company offers credit lines through a number of providers, some of which offer fairly competitive rates.  Through CareCredit’s services, many individuals have received life-saving procedures in situations where they would have otherwise never been able to afford them.

A rather interesting aspect of CareCredit is also that veterinary services can be purchased with their credit cards as well. This is a great feature for those who may have personal or family health insurance but find themselves unable to pay for a procedure for a pet but don’t have the cash immediately available.

No matter which reason a cardholder has to use his or her card, CareCredit offers a handy little payment calculator to determine how much users will have to pay per month when facing a hefty health or beauty bill. Access it by clicking here, then enter the amount you’re expecting to be invoiced and click “Calculate”


To make a payment toward your CareCredit credit card account, you may do so via mail or online. Instructions for these are below.

Pay CareCredit Bill by Mail

Mail a check or money order for your CareCredit credit card within 5 days of its due date to:

Care Credit adress payment

When sending your payment via mail, please make sure that you have somehow identified yourself and your account along with the payment. The best way to do this is to merely write your account number somewhere on the check, usually at the top or in the memo section.

How to Pay Your CareCredit Bill Online

  1. Navigate to the page www.CareCredit.com/CardHolder by clicking the link
  2. Click the “Online Access & Payments” box or the “Cardholders” link under the dropdown under “Login” at the top of the page as indicated in this image:

Online Access & Payments carecredit

  1. Enter your username and password in the fields at the top of the login page and click “Go”

Carecredit logon

  1. Go to the bill pay section on the Synchrony Financial site
  2. Enter your billing information in the fields provided as well as how much you would like to pay. Make sure to pay between the minimum due and the complete balance. Submit your payment and you’re done once you see the confirmation

Using CareCredit, you can get expensive procedures taken care of without the stress of paying out of pocket. But, like all lines of credit, make sure that you stay up to date on your payments so you don’t find yourself with a negative impact on your credit ratings.

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Company name : Care Credit
Address : PO Box 960061 Orlando
State: FL
Zip Code : 32896
Phone Number : (800) 677-0718

Carecredit Account Payment and Management

Creditcare logoThere are several ways in which a CareCredit cardholder can make their Carecredit account payment. Consumers are also able to make monthly charge estimates using the payment calculator available on the website.

How to pay your Carecredit  bill

Pay online: Carecredit account payment account can be made online by visiting https://www.gogecapital.com/en/consumer-credit-financing/merchants/healthcare/carecredit/login.htmland registering. Once registered, you can proceed to log in to your account and make payments.

Overnight payment: In case your due date is too close for you to make payments on time; you can simply send your payment via mail to the Carecredit (GE Services) Overnight Processing department for faster payment.

Payment by phone: To make your Carecredit account payment by phone, simply call 1-866-893-7864 and make your payment.

How to register for online account

On the home page, there is a section for first time users; click on the “Register Now” link and enter the information required such as name, and email address in the form that will be displayed. You will be required to create a username and a password which you will use to login to your account.

How to login to your account

To login to your Carecredit account payment, enter your username and password, then click on the Login button on the homepage.


The password is case sensitive, so you have it exactly the way you created it initially. In case you encounter trouble logging in, click on the login help button. You will be given options such as “forgot username?”, “forgot password?” among others. Select the appropriate one for you and enter the required information.


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Company name : Care Credit
Address : Box 1710 Costa Mesa
State: CA
Zip Code : 92626
Phone Number : (800) 677-0718

Carecredit Cardholder Payments

Care Credit Card blueCareCredit is one of the divisions of GE Capital. This division offers various options related to the healthcare financing to customers through a resourceful & strong network, which involves over 175,000 providers. This division came into existence in 1987. CareCredit was established with an aim to enable doctors to help their patients to pay for latest dental implant technology. However, Care Credit Card transformed itself into well, health & beauty credit card, gradually. This Card now allows its cardholder to pay for particular expenses, which are either not covered by insurance or where care exceeds an insurance coverage.

There is no restriction on the numbers related to the use of this card. If you want to make payment of the card, you need to logon to www.CareCredit.com/CardHolder. If you already hold an account at www.CareCredit.com/CardHolder, simply click on ‘Login to my account’, which is located at the top right corner of the website. Thereafter, enter your User Name & Password & click on ‘Log In’. You can successfully pay for your online bill of Care Credit Card.

Steps To Make CareCredit Payment

  • As far as procedure related to application for the card is concerned, you need to log on to the www.CareCredit.com/CardHolder.
  • You need to click on ‘Register Now’. Through creating an online account, you can access a variety of benefits. You may review your most recent account activity.
  • You can easily update account information. You may receive an e-version of monthly statement in a paperless form.
  • You can now make bill payment instantly.

In case of any difficulty or doubt, contact Carecredit customer service

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Company name : Care Credit
Address : PO Box 960061 Orlando
State: FL
Zip Code : 32896
Phone Number : 866-893-7864

Pay Your Care Credit Bills With Few Simple Steps

Care credit cardCareCredit is a component of GE Capital. It offers healthcare financing to customers via a network, comprised of more than 175,000 providers. It was established in 1987 & was offered to doctors to assist their patients to pay for new dental implant technology. Gradually, Care Credit turned into a health, wellness & beauty credit card that could be used as a payment alternative for specific expenses uncovered by insurance or when care did exceed insurance coverage.

There is literally no limit on the number of times related to the use of this credit card. Applying for this card via http://www-carecredit.com/ is absolutely a secure, easy & fast process that involves barely few steps. You need to provide few personal details & you will receive an answer shortly. You need to find & select a preferred doctor by login onto http://www-carecredit.com/ who is competent in catering to your requirement. Thereafter, you need to convey to the company regarding your plan about using this card.

Steps to Make CareCredit Payment

There are no doubts that through the help of Care card offered by http://www-carecredit.com/, you can access various benefits. Those benefits include reviewing your latest account activity, easy updating of account information, receiving an e-version of monthly statement in the form of paperless statement, quick online bill payment, etc. Bill payment is not only quick but it is extremely secure & may help you save considerable amount of time regarding payment. You simply need to login in from your account & you can make payment within a click of the mouse.

For any information, contact at

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Company name : Care Credit
Address : PO Box 1710 Costa Mesa
State: CA
Zip Code : 92626
Phone Number : (800) 677-0718