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Capital One Credit Card Payments and Solutions

Capital One LogoAlthough Capital One offers a wide range of banking options as well as loans and investing, the company is most well-known for what is has to offer as far as credit cards are concerned. This is due to the company’s aggressive advertisement that most Americans have now seen spread across a number of channels. Now, for many, the Capital One credit cards have been an okay decision. However, some people have had difficulty paying their balances on a regular schedule, if at all in some cases, and this has led Capital One to taking actions against these customers.

Until recently, customers who found themselves in a difficult situation with their Capital One credit card accounts would be granted access to the website Solutions.CapitalOne.com. But these days, the company has suspended that web address and now just outsources its collections to various companies, usually those that have offices in a nearby location to the customers’ homes.

We understand that making a monthly payment can be very difficult at times, especially in recent years where the economy, and thereby possibly your employment, has not been as stable as anyone wants. That being the case, though, it is still very important to keep up with your credit accounts wherever you may have them.

If you have a Capital One credit card and have yet to make a payment, do what you can to have some funds available to pay your bill and follow the steps in this guide to at least keep from having your account suspended and sent to some collection agency that will hound you with five phone calls a day, seven days a week.

How to Pay Your Capital One Credit Card Bill Online

Although most of you probably have an online account created already, those of you who don’t should go to the Capital One “Enroll in Online Banking” section of the site by clicking here and going through the forms to create your login.

  1. Since Solutions.CapitalOne.com is no longer available, head to the Capital One primary website at www.capitalone.com
  2. In the dropdown box in the login section of the page, select “Credit Cards”

Capital One login credit cards selection

  1. Enter your user name and password into the two fields under that drop down box. Click “Remember Me” to keep your user name saved on the login site (only use this on a private computer), then click the green “Sign In” button

Capital One Credit Cards account login

  1. Select the account you want to make a payment on and go to pay bill online
  2. Enter your payment information as requested by the site and enter your preferred details like payment amount and date. Submit and verify your payment
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Company name : Capital One
Address : 1680 Capital One Drive McLean
State: VA
Zip Code : 22102
Phone Number : 1-703-720-2500

How to Pay Your CapitalOne Auto Loan

capital one auto finance logoAlthough they’ve only been around a little longer than 20 years, CapitalOne has become a massive force in the financial industry through offering many different types of lines of credit. Of the various lines of credit provided to customers from CapitalOne, their specialties are the following – credit cards, auto loans, sharebuilder investing and home loans. They also offer standard banking services like checking accounts and savings accounts among others.

If you are one of CapitalOne’s customers and have an auto loan payment that needs to be made or you are looking to see the status of your auto loan application, you may do so by following the instructions found in the rest of this guide.

Check the Status of an Auto Loan

If you’ve recently applied for a car loan through CapitalOne, you may be wondering what the current status of your application is. To find out where the decision is at, head over to the CapitalOne login page by clicking here. Next, you will want to click the grey box that says “Loans” and a dropdown menu will appear. Next, you want to click the blue “Sign In” button that’s on the same line as “Auto Loans – Application Status” as highlighted in this image:

check status

From here, enter your last name and the last four numbers of your social security number and click the green submit button.

capital one check status

Follow the rest of the prompts to find out your application status.

Make a CapitalOne Auto Loan Payment Online

  1. With your browser, navigate to the webpage www.capitalone.com/autoloans/login (link is on the bottom of this page) by typing it in your address bar or merely clicking the highlighted link
  2. The dropdown box should already be set to “Auto Loans” but, if not, click it and select the choice
  3. Input your user ID or customer number and click the green “CONTINUE” button

Capital One auto login snap

  1. Navigate to the make a payment on your auto loan portion of the website and enter your payment information as well as how much you want to pay and when you would like the funds withdrawn from your account. Verify at all stages that your information is correct. Submit the payment
  2. Upon seeing a confirmation that your payment was successfully processed, you can close your window or view other information on the site about your account

Make a CapitalOne Auto Loan Payment by Mail

To make a payment through the mail, there are two addresses. One is for standard mail and the other is the address you will send to for overnight processing. The standard address is:

Capital One Auto Finanace Mail Adress Payment

However you choose to make your CapitalOne auto loan payments, always make sure that they’re on time so you don’t incur late fees or have your credit rating impacted.

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Company name : Capital One
Address : 1680 Capital One Drive McLean
State: VA
Zip Code : 22102
Phone Number : 1-703-720-2500

CapitalOne 360 Payment Options

Capital One 360 Debit CardCapital One is a Fortune 500 company and is one of the top 10 banks in the US. Established in 1955 it has a diversified portfolio and has won numerous awards for excellent service to its customers.

Let us show you the different payment methods of capital one 360 card.

Online payments

Here is the process of how you can pay your capital one 360 bill online:

Once you are logged in you can pay your bill.capital one logo2


To sign up for capital one 360 card you need to:

  • Navigate to this URL.
    capitalone360 registretion snap
  • Enter your personal details. These include; the last 4 digits of your social security number, zip code, birth date and phone number.
  • Choose a username and a hard to guess easy to remember password
  • Select security questions that will help verify that you are the real owner of the account.

capital one logo3

Mail payments

Enclosed with the statement mailed to you is a coupon and envelope. You can use this to to mail your payment. Make the check or money order payable to Capital One and have your account number written at the back. Please note that if you don’t use the payment coupon it may result in a delay in crediting your account. This is the email address, you will find more contact information on the bottom of this page.

capitalone360 mail adress

Phone payments

Pay your bill by calling calling 1-800-227-4825. For business card customers dial 1-800-867-0904

 Auto Pay

This type of payment is made online at capital one website. It is an automatic payment that is scheduled to take place at a particular date of the month. You may also scheduled payments for up to 90 days in advance. This is the Capital One 360 autopay enrolment page.

 Pay people

You can pay people by the “Person2Person” payments. Pay for anything from rent to school fees to any other bill you can think of. This is the person to person payment page of capital one 360 credit card

person to person payment link

 Mobile banking payments

Pay your Capital  One 360 card bill through your mobile app. Click this link to download the Capital One app from the App Store for Apple devices or from Google Play for Android devices.  Through the app, follow the user instructions and pay your bill with ease.

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Company name : Capital One 360
Address : P.O. Box 60 St. Cloud
State: MN
Zip Code : 56302-0060
Phone Number : 1-888-464-0727

OrchardBank Credit Card Login and Pay your Bill

OrchardBank Credit CardsOrchard Bank is a unit of HSBC Bank. HSBC bank (Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank) is one of the biggest & also one of the fewer banks that offer credit cards to the people with either damaged credit reputation or limited credit histories. Orchard Bank offers various credit cards that cater to the credit need of various types of customers, including those with damaged credit standing. Like for an instance, The Orchard Bank Platinum MasterCard is the least expensive card & targeted towards both, people with fair credit standing & people with poor credit standing. The Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard is targeted towards mainly those people, who have bad credit history. Orchard Bank also offers a Secured Card to those, who don’t qualify for any of the above-mentioned cards.

Orchard Bank Credit Cards at present (2014)

Credit Cards offered by Orchard Bank are no longer available post acquisition made by Capital One in 2012. It is apparent that this bank was amongst one of the subsidiary company of HSBC. In 2012, Capital One acquired the majority of the United States credit card business operated by HSBC. Capital One took a decision to not to continue one of the most popular Orchard Bank Credit Card called the ‘Orchard Bank Secured Card’ -underneath its own brand name.

Orchard Bank Credit Card Payment through www.OrchardBank.com Payment Webpage

  • Log on to www.OrchardBank.comor enter www.OrchardBank.com/billpay.
  • You will automatically be directed to Capital One website.
  • Now choose ‘Credit Cards’ from the drop down menu.
  • Enter your Username & Password & click on ‘Sign in’.
  • Now you can pay your bill online.

Making online payment via www.OrchardBank.com payment is a secure process.

In case of any query, contact OrchardBank bill payment team at-

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Company name : Orchard Bank
Address : Po Box 60501 City Of Industry CA
State: CA
Zip Code : 91716
Phone Number : 1-503-293-4037

Respond To Capital One Credit Card Offer

Capital One Credit Card Offer ExempleCapital One is a diversified bank that provides an extensive range of financial products along with services to its target customers. Amongst its target customers, there are included small businesses, commercial clients & individual customers. This bank is listed amongst Fortune 500 companies. Capital One is recognized as most renowned banking brands in United States. It is one of the top largest banks of nation, based on deposits.

More about Capital One

It serves its targeted banking customers via round about 1,000 branch locations mainly in New Jersey, Maryland, District of Columbia, Texas, New York, etc. Headquarter of the bank is located in Mc Lean Virginia. This banking brand was incorporated by Richard D. Fairbank in 1988. He believed that by integrating technology, great people, power of information & testing, it could become possible to offer extremely customized financial products directly to customers.

Applying for Capital One Credit Card through Application.CapitalOne.com Page

  • Log on to Application.CapitalOne.com.
  • Enter your 16 Digits Reservation Number & Access Code from the letter or Email received by you.
  • Click on ‘Get Started’.

If you have not received any invitation to apply for Capital One credit Card then look for ‘Didn’t receive a mail offer?’ through Application.CapitalOne.com. When you will click on a link given under the above section, you will be able to find out whether you’re pre-qualified for a personal credit card or no? This entire process might take 60 seconds or even less. You may also find out whether you are pre-qualified to apply for business credit cards or no by clicking on to Application.CapitalOne.com.

In case of any query, contact Capital One credit card application team at-

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Company name : Capital One
Address : P.O. Box 4199 Houston
State: TX
Zip Code : 77210-4199
Phone Number : 1-800-481-3239

Capital One Card Activation

capital one card activationCapital One Financial Corporation is a top financial services company in the United States. They have diversified their portfolio to include offering many different kinds of financial products and services to all types of customers – private, small and big businesses. They also directly market a variety of consumer lending products. Based on the amount of deposits, Capital One is easily in the top 10 largest banks in the US. It is a publicly-traded company in the New York Stock Exchange with a current customer base of approximately 45 million.

However, in spite of the many products and services that Capital One provides,  they are primarily known as a credit card issuing company. Capital One is a leading issuer of both secured and unsecured credit cards. Capital One has a variety of cards available for the discerning customer, with each card coming with its own particular set of benefits. They have travel cards, cash back cards, even business cards. By far their most popular cards are their Venture and Venture One Rewards cards, giving bonus miles for ever purchase, and their Quicksilver and Quicksilver Rewards cards, earning bonuses on every purchase. No matter what your Capital One credit card is, though, you have to make sure that they are activated online first before you can use them via capital one card activation.

Step-by-step procedures for Capital One Card Activation through www.CapitalOne.com/activate page

  • Customers first go to www.CapitalOne.com/activate page wich is: https://login1.capitalone.com/loginweb/login/oalanding.do
  • Customers must enroll if they want to access their account online. They do this by clicking on the Start Here button.
    capitalone.com card activation signup
  • On the account enrollment page, the site reminds the customer that he should have his account number, Social Security number, e-mail address, and 3 digit security code of his most recently used credit card on hand. He clicks on “Yes I’m ready” as soon as he’s ready to start. The enrollment now begins in earnest and ends with the customer already having his username and password.
    capitalone.com enrollment page
  • The customer returns to the initial page. He inputs his username and password on the spaces provided. He now clicks on Sign In.
    capitalone.com card activation login
  • The customer is now able to activate his card online

Other Capital One Card Activation Options – Activate By Phone

You don have to got and use Capital One online portal CapitalOne.com/activate to activate your card. Canadian customers cannot use the online service to activate their card. The number to call is 1-800-655-5646.

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Company name : Capital One
Address : 15000 Capital One Drive, Richmond
State: Virginia
Zip Code : 23238
Phone Number : (800) 955-7070

Capital One Auto Sign In Guide

Capital One LogoCapital One Financial Corporation is one of the most well-known and trusted credit card issuing companies in the USA. The company offers a variety of both secured and unsecured credit cards, and their credit card portfolio includes cards geared for travel, business, and leisure. Aside from this, Capital One also offers a diverse array of top-class financial services and products for many different kinds of customers, whether private or commercial. It is considered one of the leading financial services companies in the States, with their being in the top 10 based on customer deposit amount alone. With 45 million regular customers, the bank has been prominent enough to be publicly-traded in the New York Stock Exchange.

Capital One is also in the business of providing a variety of auto financing services, including auto loans, used car loans, and auto loan refinance services. They offer one of the lowest rates in the industry. Their new and used auto loans come with rates as low as 2.39% annually. Their auto loan refinance rates are also one of the lowest at 3.69%. With these rates customers can lower their payment amounts by $737 a year on average. Auto loan customers can also manage their accounts online through capital one auto login.

How to access Capital one Auto Login Page

  1. Customers first visit to https://www.capitalone.com/sign-in/
  2. Customers wanting to access the account should enroll first they can do this by clicking on the Enroll Here link at the left hand side of the page.
    capitalone.com login page enroll
  3. The next page is the enrollment page. It reminds the customer that he should have the following information on hand: his account number, Social Security number, e-mail address, and his mostly used card’s 3 digit security code. He clicks on “Yes I’m ready” as soon as he’s ready to start. This starts the enrollment process and the customer types in his relevant information on the spaces provided.
    capitalone.com enrollment page
  4. The customer now goes back to the initial login page. He selects AUTO LOANS as his account type (using the drop down menu), and then inputs his User ID, Customer # of Saver ID on the space provided. He now clicks on Continue.
    capitalone login page signin
  5. The customer is now online and logged in to his Capital One Auto Login.

In case of any confusion plaes contact Capital One Auto login team at-

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Company name : Capital One Auto Finance
Address : 8705 Henderson Road, Tampa
State: Florida
Zip Code : 3364-1143
Phone Number : (800) 955-7070

Orchard bank (Now- Capital One Bank) Bill Payment

Capital One LogoOrchad Bank Accounts has been moved to Capital One. All customers need to Log In to Capital One Website for their Orchard bank Online Payment. Capital One Bank is the one of the leading provider in banking, auto loans, home loans and credit card services to their customers. This one is the 8th largest Bank holding corporation in the U.S. This company also operates in two more countries i.e. United Kingdom and Canada. As of 2012 calculation the bank has 963 branches and 2000 ATM’s across the country. This bank is the member of Fortune 500 magazine.

About Capital One

Capital One Bank was founded in Richmond, Virginia. But currently their Headquarters are located in Tysons Corner, Virginia, United States. Capital One offers various services to their commercial and personal customers. These services include credit cards, loans, banking and various investment plans. Capital One Bank is an online portal through which customers can pay their Orchard bank Online Payment.

Follow below Steps to Make Your Orchard bank Online Payment

  1. Log on to the website https://www.orchardbank.com.
    orchardbank.com snap
  2. Click On Take me to Capital One Button.
    orchardbank.com take me to capital one snap
  3. It will redirects to https://www.capitalone.com.
  4. On The right hand side you can see the Sign in Button.
  5. Click On It.
    Capital one log in
  6. It Will Redirects to https://www.capitalone.com/sign-in/.
    www.capitalone.com sign-in
  7. Now you can see the Six Listed Services.
  8. Click on That Service for which you want to pay.
  9. Click on Banking, it will expand.
  10. Click On Sign in Button.
  11. It will redirects to https://banking.capitalone.com.
  12. Now you can see the Use name and password fields.
  13. Fill the user id and password.
  14. Click on Sign in Button (Green color).
  15. It will redirects to your account web page.
  16. Now you can pay your Orchard bank Online Payment.

Capital One Offers 6 Types of Online Account Services for their customers. List of these Services are

  1. Credit Cards: – Includes Credit Cards & Credit Card Rewards Sign in Options
  2. Banking: – Includes Capital One Bank, Capital One 360 & Banking Rewards Sign In Options
  3. Loans: – Includes Auto Loans, Auto Loans – Application Status, Capital One Mortgage, Capital One Home Equity, Capital One 360 Home Loans & Personal Loans Sign in Options
  4. Investing: – Includes Capital One® Share Builder®, Capital One Financial Advisor, Private Client Group & RDMS Sign in Options
  5. Business: – Includes Business Banking, Business Credit Cards, Business Loans and Lines, Intellix, Treasury Optimizer & Merchant Services Sign in Options
  6. Canada & UK Credit cards: – Includes Canada Credit Card & UK Credit Cards Sign in Options
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Company name : Capital One Bank
Address : 8201 Greensboro Dr #110, McLean
State: VA
Zip Code : 22102
Phone Number : (703) 893-1504

Capital One Online Banking Auto Loans Payment

Capital One Auto Finance BillCapital One Auto Finance provides loans only on new and second hand motor vehicles. The Capital One Company has its own eligible dealers from which those who qualify for the loan should buy the vehicles from them. Capital One does not provide loans for those buying the vehicles from private outlets. The vehicles must be less than seven years old and less than 70,000 miles and must have a Vehicle Identification Number.

The loan is exceptional to the kind of vehicle they have to buy, Oldsmobile, Daewoo, Saab, Suzuki, or Isuzu are among the vehicles that are not given financing. They also do not finance commercial and recreational vehicles.

The minimum loan amount is $7,500 and the maximum loan amount is $40,000 for new vehicles and $30,000 for second hand vehicles.

The application for the loan is online and must be approved before one gets a blank check that can be used to the eligible dealer in purchasing the vehicle of choice. The capital one website provides for the Annual Percentage Rate that depends with your qualifications.

Making Capital One Auto Finance Bill Payment by Credit Card

Online credit card payments:

  1.  First set up a bank account to pay your Capital One Auto Finance bill from.
  2. Choose a one-time Payment or an Auto Pay payment method as seen from the payment menu.
  3.  Choose the amount, your credit account and the day you intend to make the payments and the day should be within 90 days of the day you are making the payment.
  4.  Check on the transactions and details page for transaction details
  5. The transactions details are updated depending with the time the payment was done. The transactions for your capital one Auto Finance bill are not made during the Thanksgiving Day, Christmas day and New Year’s Day.

Note: For the transactions made before 1700 hours from Monday to Saturday will appear on the same day while those ones made after 1700 hours will appear on the next day. For transactions made on Sunday will appear on the following Monday.

Pay Capital One Auto Loans by Phone

One can make a call to hand in the payment details on the check for the Capital one Auto Finance bill through this number, 1-800-227-4825.
Contact by phone

Pay Capital One Auto Loans Mailing the check

One can also mail the payment details in an envelope and should include the account number. To use mail you must sign in to your Capital One auto loan account.
Contact by mail

For more information, phone numbers and adress-

(5 raters, 22 scores, average: 4.40 out of 5)
Company name : Capital One
Address : P.O. Box 30279, Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0285
State: Utah
Zip Code : 84130
Phone Number : 1-800-CAPITAL (1-800-227-4825)

Capitalone Login and Bill Pay Guide

Capitalone login exempleCapital One is mainly a diversified bank, which offers an extensive range of financial products & services to individual customers, small businesses & commercial clients. It is a fortune 500 company. It is now positioned among nation top 10 banking brands in the context of deposits, in America. It specializes into credit cards, auto loans, home loans, diverse banking & saving products. Though, it is based out in U.S., its worldwide operations focuses primarily in English-speaking locations like Canada & UK. Richard D. Fairbank is the founder, CEO & chairman of Capital One Financial Corporation. Headquarter is located in McLean, Virginia.

Capital One Financial Corporation came into existence in 1998. It operates through roughly 1,000 branch locations that are spread in various parts of U.S., Canada, UK, etc. If you are a customer, you may be having one of the products offered by it. However, merely possessing a product doesn’t allow you to access your account online, if you are yet to enroll, unless you are a Capital One 360 Customer.

Steps to Make Capital One Credit Card payment

You need to opt for capitalone.com login, in order to access your account online & to make bill payment. In case, if you are yet to enroll for possessing an account, opt for capitalone.com login & then head towards sign in page. There are various login links including US Credit Cards & Secure Login, Canada Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards, etc. You need to click on apt link, in order to pay your bill by entering Username & your password. Username is in the form of either a customer number or Saver ID.

If you need assistance, contact at-

(7 raters, 28 scores, average: 4.00 out of 5)
Company name : Capital One
Address : 1680 Capital One Drive Mclean
State: Virginia
Zip Code : 22102
Phone Number : (888) 810-4013