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Pay your AT&T Citi Universal Card Bill Online

AT&T Universal Credit CardAlthough they are primarily known for the telecommunications and media products, AT&T also offers a credit card to select individuals. With fairly standard rates and rewards available, there isn’t anything particularly spectacular about these credit cards unless you specifically like something from their rewards selections.

AT&T Universal Card users can make payments on their account online or through the mail. If you would prefer the latter, the instructions are in the last section of this article. Otherwise, continue reading from here.

Create an Online Account for Your AT&T Universal Card

You must create an online account before being allowed to make payments on your AT&T Universal Card. Go to the Citibank Register for Online Access page to begin, and enter AT&T Universal Card number into the field that says “ATM/Debit or Credit Card Number,” then click the blue “Continue” button.

Follow the rest of the prompts to complete your account creation and then you can move on to the next section for online payments.

Log In for Online Universal Card Payments

  1. Head to the AT&T Universal Card pay bill site at: Universalcard.com Pay Bill. Note: We are starting with this link since so many searches regarding AT&T Universal Card payments go to this site. If you want, you can skip this page and go straight to the link in the next step, but only do so if you are first comfortable with starting at this page
  2. Click the “Home” tab at the top of the page. Do NOT click the link at the bottom of the page that says “Sign On or Register”

AT T Universal Card Splash

  1. With the user ID and password you created during the online access registration described above, sign on to the AT&T Universal Card account management site

AT T Universal Card Login

  1. After you get into your account, go to online bill pay
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to enter your payment information into the site and submit your payment
  3. After a details information verification, your payment is submitted and you can leave the site or shut down your browser

Mail in Your AT&T Universal Card Payment

For those of you who would rather not go through the online registration process or are uncomfortable with submitting your payment information through the internet, you may mail in your AT&T Universal Card payment. For both of the addresses below, write your account number on a check or money order made out to AT&T Universal Card.

Regular, on-time payments should be sent to this address:

AT&T Universal Card
P.O. Box 183037
Columbus, OH 43218-3037

Overnight or express shipped payments should be sent to:

AT&T Universal Card
Attn: Payment Department 1500 Boltonfield Street
Columbus, OH 43228
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Company name : AT&T Universal Card
Address : P.O. Box 183037 Columbus
State: OH
Zip Code : 43218-3037
Phone Number : 1-800-423-4343

AT&T Universal Card Bill Payment

AT&T Universal Credit CardBeyond just being a telecommunications giant, AT&T dabbles a little bit in other industries. For example, they also offer a credit card, which is deemed the AT&T Universal Card. This credit card can come as either a MasterCard or Visa (usually the former, though) and can be used anywhere that credit card brand is accepted.


If you have an AT&T Universal Card and need to make a payment toward your balance online, you may do so by following the directions listed on this page.

Note: It is very important to click the links described below for Sign In and Registration exactly where they are shown in the images. Other links on the AT&T Universal Card bill payment portal go to websites that are incorrect. It seems they are pointing to pages or sites that AT&T used to use and have yet to be updated, so be aware of where you are clicking when following the instructions written and shown in this guide.

AT&T Universal Card Account Registration

Account registration through Citi (the financial institution that handles AT&T’s Universal Card issuing, billing and tracking) will need to take place before you can actually log in to your account and make a payment online.

To get to the registration page, click the link in the green box at the bottom of this screen and then click the “Register” link on the top-right section of the page:

AT&T Universal Card Splash (Register)

Once there, enter your AT&T Universal Card number into the field labeled “ATM/Debit or Credit Card Number,” then click the blue “Continue” button as such:

AT&T Universal Card Register

Beyond just your card number, to complete your account creation you will need to choose a security word, enter the last four digits of your Social Security number and choose a user ID to log in with.

Make an Online Payment

  1. Click the link in the green contact box at the bottom of this page to load the AT&T Universal Card portal website
  2. At the top right portion of the screen, click the link that says “Sign On.” Note: If you click where it says “Sign On or Register” found near the bottom of the text, you will be taken to the wrong site as described in the note in the introduction

AT&T Universal Card Splash (Sign on)

  1. Type your user ID and Password into the boxes with those labels and click where it says “Remember my ID” to have the AT&T Universal Card bill payment site store your user ID for future visits. In the dropdown box that says “Take me to:” select “Make a Payment” then click the green “Sign On” button

AT&T Universal Card Sign On

  1. Navigate to make a payment and enter your payment information as requested by the AccountOnline website. After entering your details, recheck them to ensure they are accurate and your payment amount is what you want it to be, then submit your payment
  1. After receiving confirmation that your payment has gone through successfully, you can leave the site at your leisure
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Company name : AT&T
Address : 3402 North St, Nacogdoches, TX 75965
State: TX
Zip Code : 75965
Phone Number : (936) 569-2700

Pay your AT&T Citi Universal Card Bill Online

AT&T Universal Card LogoThe Universal AT&T credit card is one of the most popular cards in the USA – the card is a very smart and unique card, that allows you to use it as a regular card but, you can use it as a calling card. Universalcard is a cash back credit card, and with this card you can even pay your bill using your phone.

The Universalcard.com Pay Bill Website

When navigating to www.Universalcard.com pay bill website, you will be able, as a registered customer, to enjoy multiple benefits like:

  • Check out all of your billing history in just one click
  • You will be able to pay your bill online with a very simple system (we will guide you how to do that).
  • You will be able to change your email alert preference, for example, if you would like to get an email alert about your monthly bill you can get it, and lots of other email and bill payment options.

Paying your AT&T Bill Online through Www.Universalcard.com Pay Bill Portal

  • First of all please login to www.Universalcard.com pay bill page in this URL: http://www.Universalcard.com/us/cards/ucs/personal/onlineservices.jsp
    www.universalcard.com us cards ucs personal onlineservices
  • Now click the “Sign in or Register” link (a snap shot is a attached for your convenience):
    www.universalcard.com us cards ucs personal onlineservices Sign On or Register link
  • Now you will be redirect to AT&T Universal card secure sign in page.
  • If you don’t have your user name and password, you will have to register to get your online accesses, so please click the “register now” link (this is a Citi Bank website).
  • Insert your: card number, the exact name on your Universal card, 3 digits on the back of your Universalcard, and your SSN number (last 4 digits).
  • Now click the big blue “Verify” button.
  • Go back and insert your user name and password and click “sign in” button.
  • Now, on the menu, please click the “make payment” link, and then click the “make payment” link.
  • Insert the exact amount you like to pay and that’s it, you will get an email from AT&T about your payment.

As you can see, the bill payment process through www.Universalcard.com payment page is easy fast and secure. You can pay your bill or set an automatic payment – something that will help you never to forget paying your Universal card bill.

In case of any confusion or misunderstanding, you can always call AT&T and Universalcard bill payment team at-

(3 raters, 14 scores, average: 4.67 out of 5)
Company name : AT&T Universal Card
Address : P.O. Box 183037 Columbus
State: OH
Zip Code : 43218-3037
Phone Number : 1-800-423-4343

Checking your AT&T Rewards & Rebates Status

at&t logoAT&T is the one of the leading Multinational Telecommunications company throughout the world. It is the largest provider of mobile and fixed telephones services provider in the United States. AT&T also provides broadband services to their customers. In terms of market value, profit, assets and revenue it is the world’s 23rd largest company and 16th largest among non oil related companies in the world. AT&T offers various Reward points to their card holders. Customers can redeem these points through this URL www.att.com/rewardsandrebates

About The Company AT&T

AT&T has 11 subsidiaries companies in its list and company has 12 Board directors including Chairman and CEO. AT&T offers a credit card for their customers through which customers can easily make their payment and mange their all services with this telecommunication company. Company also offers www.att.com/rewardsandrebates for Credit card holders. AT&T offers various types of reward points to their customers again every penny spent on their services.

Customers need to use following steps of series to make their payment and access their account with www.att.com/rewardsandrebates

  1. Log on to the website http://www.att.com
  2. Click on Shop, it will redirects to http://www.att.com/shop/
    Screenshot 2014-07-16 21.00.12
  3. Now Use Keyword “AT&T Rewards & Rebates” and search in Search Box
    Screenshot 2014-07-16 21.37.01
  4. Redirect to http://goo.gl/ZbQXVB
  5. Now Click on First Result
    Screenshot 2014-07-16 21.37.54
  6. It will redirect to http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/deals/rewardsandrebates.html
  7. Now If customers to redeem Their Rewards
  8. Click on Redeem Button
    Screenshot 2014-07-16 21.41.25
  9. If customers want to check their balance
  10. Click on Check Balance Button
    Screenshot 2014-07-16 21.41.27
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Company name : AT&T
Address : 208 S Akard St #110, Dallas,
State: TX
Zip Code : 75202
Phone Number : +1 214-741-6655

AT&T Universal Card Bill Pay

AT&T Universal Card Logo AT&T has collaborated with Citibank to offer online banking services called AT&T Universal Card. Through this service, clients can enjoy convenient online services that make their lives easy. The great thing about this service is that it caters for both individuals and businesses.

How to Access AT&T Universal Card Online Services and Make Payment Online

  1. In order to pay your AT&T bill online – a client first needs to access the AT&T Universal Card site: https://www.accountonline.com/cards/svc/OutsideView.do?forward=Index&siteId=AC using your PC.The set up of the page.
  2. The client will then choose whether they have a personal account or a business account. They then click on their type of account.
  3. After doing that, the client will sign on using their credentials if they registered with the AT&T Universal card hence they have an account.Sign On here
  4. If the client does not have an account, they will have to create one by clicking on ‘Register ‘option-immediately after the sign on one. They are then expected to follow the prompts and provide them with valid prompts such as your ATM/Credit or debit card number. From here, you will set up online access and finally confirm your account.
  5. Now you can make your AT&T bill payment online.

What do I need to set up online access to my Citi Accounts?

Registering bank account

  1. Your ATM/Debit card number.
  2. Your pin (The codes you enter at ATMs).
  3. Your bank account number or the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Registering Credit card

  1. Your credit card.
  2. Your security word.
  3. The last four digits of your Social Security number

Authorized users of credit card will need the Secure Transaction Code (STC) that was emailed to them when the primary cardholder added them as authorized users. If you need an STC the primary card holder must sign on and request it using the Manage Authorized User function.

Need help registering for AT&T Universal Card Online Services

If you need help to in terms of registering, you simply click on the need help? option right there. You will be automatically redirected to the following website https://online.citibank.com/JRS/helpcenter/getHelpContent.do? . The information in the site will be invaluable to the client should they have trouble with the registration.

Do you need email updates?

  1. Check on this link: https://www.accountonline.com/cards/svc/EmailNext.do?SYNC_TOKEN=4badf608fe9be27141b5e7fbe482fd7eReceiving Email Alerts
  2. Enter your account number and click continue.
  3. Enter your account information.
  4. Choose email Preferences.
  5. Complete your Email updates.
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Company name : AT&T
Address : 3402 North St, Nacogdoches, TX 75965, United States
State: Texas.
Zip Code : 75965
Phone Number : (936) 569-2700

How to make bill payments at AT&T?

at&t logoAT&T aims to offer its customers an all brand new way of experiencing technology. They aim to bring their customers a better retail experience with customer assistance in over 160 languages, operations in over 5000 retail outlets and more.

Bill payment with AT&T is easy and far more convenient. With AT&T, there are multiple options that can be availed for payment of bills. Payments can be made from your tablet, PC and even phone. Good news is that the customers that have been consistent on timely payment are entitled to making late payments in case of emergency.

Att.com easybilling also includes enrollment with its autopay facility and your monthly payment will be deducted from your savings/checking account automatically before or on you bill due date. You can view your billing status and make payments online through debit cards, credit cards, Visa, mastercard, etc.

Bill payments can also be done on phone through voice prompts; a few services are offered for free. You are entitled to a confirmation number on your successful bill payment. You can enjoy the convenience of www.att,com bill payment through your smartphones and in person at your nearest AT&T store or an authorized payment location.

Bills can be paid through mails with mention of name of account holder and his account number. Reconnection fee may be charged on suspension of wireless service on failing to make bill payment on the agreed date.

For offline bill payment contact at the following address –

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Company name : AT&T
Address : PO Box 537104 Atlanta
State: GA
Zip Code : 30353
Phone Number : 800.331.0500
Website : www.att.com