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State Farm LogoState farm Company is a U.S Company that provides diverse financial and insurance services in U.S and Canada. The company has absorbed several Companies, thus it acts as a group of Companies. Other companies include, State Farm and Casualty Company, State Farm Life Insurance Company, and State Farm Mutual Insurance Company of Texas among 20 other companies.The Company’s bank known as the State Farm Bank offers the client with opportunities to get loans, buy insurance, and a 24 hour online service. This means that one has an opportunity of making the State farm pay bill online. The bank also allows one to pay bills to an individual or Company online.

Setting up an Online State Farm Pay Bill Account.

  1.  Use this link to register: Here
  2. Enter the required details, the first page lets you fill your personal details. The second page lets you prove your Identity, while the last page lets you create a Security question and Answer.
  3. From there your online account will be linked to your bank account. Here you will be able to make bills, chart with an assistant on any technical issues and manage your account to your choice.

Online State Farm Bill Payment

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Log In enter your User ID and your password then click on Login.
  3. Once in your account head to “Manage my account”.
  4. Click on “Payment options”. Pay bill online and from there you can make the list of intended payees. Here you have to enter their personal addresses. How to select Payees
  5. Here you need to set the dollar amount and the date when the payment should be sent. Then click pay to send the command. You can make payments prior to the day. A confirmation page comes up where one has an option of viewing the terms and condition and accepting them either.
    How to enter payee's personal details
  6. This platform also gives you a chance to check on your pending payments as on the top right hand side, here one can edit, cancel, or see more information about the payment.
  7. You can also set up Automatic payments, where you will just be receiving billing notice when the amount due or date changes. Fill this from this link: To be eligible for automatic payments.

Note: No transaction fee if you paying through the State Farm Bank account while a transaction fee of $10 is charged for non-State Farm Bank.

In case of any confusion, pleas contact State Farm bill payment team at-

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