Make a ShopHQ Credit Card Payment

ShopHQ Credit CardAlthough the ShopHQ website front page has a strong focus on jewelry, they offer many different types of goods for customers to browse through and purchase. Beyond all that glitters, they offer clothing, beauty supplies, kitchen merchandise, home goods, consumer electronics and more. This extensive selection has helped lead the brand to being one of the most shopped at sites on the internet.

The ShopHQ credit card program is managed by Synchrony Bank, so the links presented below to handle and online payment as well as account registration will lead you to Synchrony-ran sub-sites, so keep that in mind when managing your account. To make a ShopHQ credit card payment, follow the instructions below.

Registering Your Account for Account Management

Registration for online account management for your ShopHQ credit card can be started by clicking here. If you have only just received your ShopHQ credit card, you may activate it after registering your credit card for online account access.

After entering your account number in the space highlighted in the image below, you will validate your ShopHQ account by entering personally identifying information like your Social Security number and more.

ShopHQ Account Registration

After that, you will choose your login credentials like user name and password as well as pick other options to complete your account setup to use in the following steps.

Pay Your ShopHQ Credit Card Bill Online

  1. Navigate to the ShopHQ credit card payment site. You can do so by clicking the link to open it in a new window or browser tab
  2. Enter your user ID as chosen during the registration process. To have the user ID box automatically filled in with your account name on future visits, click the “Remember me.” checkbox. Click the “Log In” button

ShopHQ Payment Login Page

  1. The site will now ask you for your password and will display your security image. Only enter your password into the box and continue if the security image matches the one you picked during registration
  2. Once in account management, navigate to the payment section and enter your payment information when prompted by the system, submit it when you are sure it is all correct
  3. After the payment verification screen, you will see a confirmation that your payment has been submitted properly and you can then leave the site

For Assistance On Your Credit Card Account

If you have any questions or problems with your ShopHQ credit card payment or using it through the website, call (866) 681-2506 and they will be glad to assist you.

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Zip Code : 55344-3433
Phone Number : (800) 747-4178

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