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Shell LogoAs one of the biggest oil companies, Shell gas stations are easy to spot. It doesn’t hurt that their logo is a massive yellow and red outlined shell that can be seen floating above the towns and cities the service stations occupy, and that has helped make them a favorite amongst American drivers. Shell gas stations are well known for their friendly attendants and clean facilities, making them not only a commercial success but a favorite stop on road trips across the country.

It’s this widespread distribution and use of Shell gas stations that their credit cards are some of the most popular offered by service stations. If you’re a Shell credit cardholder and are interested in making your payment online, simply follow the instructions that follow for both the Shell Card and the Shell MasterCard:

Register if You Haven’t Yet

Before you can access your Shell Credit Card account online, you need to register for access to receive a login information and to correctly link your payments to your account. To register, click here and fill in the form with the details highlighted below

shell register snap

Make an Online Payment

  1. Head over to the webpage with your internet browser
  2. Enter your user ID and password into the boxes provided and click the “Remember my ID” checkbox if you would like the system to keep your ID saved

shell acct login

  1. On the dropdown box below the login credentials, select “Make a Payment” then click the “Sign On” button

shell make a payment link

  1. Enter your billing information into the fields provided and overlook them again to be sure that you’ve entered the correct data and submit your payment
  2. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation screen. From there, you are free to leave the wesbite

Pay Shell Credit Card by Mail

If you would like to send your payment via traditional mail for a Shell Card, send it to:

Shell Credit Card Processing
PO Box 183018
Columbus, OH 43218-3018

For a Shell MasterCard Credit Card, the address is:

Bankcard Processing Center

Bankcard Processing Center
PO Box 6401
The Lakes, NV 88901-6401

Pay Shell Account by Phone

Like the addresses, the phone numbers for each card payment are different from each other. To do an over-the-phone payment on a Shell Card, call (800) 331-3703.

For a phone payment on a Shell MasterCard Credit Card, dial (866) 743-5562.

Stay in good standing with your Shell credit card payments and the card will work wonders on your credit, so make sure to keep up with it.

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Company name : Shell Credit Card
Address : P.O. Box 183018 Columbus
State: OH
Zip Code : 43218-3018
Phone Number : 800-331-3703

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